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Flash Announcement, 3-19: The Dance Insider Archives are for Sale
15 years of original dance stories not told elsewhere

By Dance Insider Staff
Contact publisher Paul Ben-Itzak

The Dance Insider Archives, 15 years of reviews, news, commentary, images, and more from around the world, are for sale, Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak announced today.

"Our goal is to find a university or public library which will treasure and preserve this incredible resource in perpetuity," said Ben-Itzak, who co-founded the magazine in 1998 with Veronica Dittman, Robin Hoffman, Jamie Phillips, and others.

Beginning as a print magazine in 1998, the Dance Insider has been published online since 1999 at http://www.danceinsider.com, with articles written by working professional dance artists and other leading critics. The Dance Insider Archives is a treasure trove of dance at the dawn of the 21st century, including:

**Extensive coverage of French and European dance: Based in Paris from 2000 to 2010, the DI is the leading English-language source for coverage of the French dance scene. With a bureau in London since 2000, the DI is also the leading American source for coverage of the British dance scene. The DI has also regularly covered performances in Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Europe.

**The Dance Insider Martha Graham Archives: 13 years of reviews, news, commentary, and images, including our lead coverage of the Graham v. Graham legal battle.

**Marie Taglioni: With the Italian Institute of Paris, in 2004 the Dance Insider organized the Marie Taglioni Bicentennial Conference and Performance, the marquee event commemorating the 200th birthday of the first dancer to use pointe artistically. The conference revealed that Taglioni is not buried where the city of Paris says she is.

** The Jill Johnston Letter: Penned by one of the pioneers of New Journalism and the first-generation chronicler of the Judson Church movement, the Jill Johnston Letter was exclusively syndicated on the DI from 2005 through 2010.

** The Dancer's Life, advice for grown-up dancers by Anne Wennerstand.

**Paul Ben-Itzak's Buzz column of scoops, rants, and raves, covering 15 years of the most important news and issues in the world-wide dance community.

**In-depth reviews of the dance scene in New York, San Francisco, Paris, London, and around the world by some of the leading dance writers and artists of their generations, many of whom were discovered by and/or flowered on the Dance Insider, including Chris Dohse, Gus Solomons jr, Jill Johnston, Veronica Dittman, Darrah Carr, Harris Green, Maura Nguyen Donohue, Tobi Tobias, Laurie Uprichard, Mark Morris, Alicia Mosier Chesser, Phillip Sandstrom, Maina Gielgud, Francis Mason, Nancy Dalva, Aimee Ts'ao, Elizabeth Zimmer, Janet Eilber, Josephine Leask, Christine Chen, Mark Dendy, Rebecca Stenn, Robin Hoffman, Peggy H. Cheng, Rosa Mei, Tom Patrick, Stuart Hodes, Richard Philp, Susan Yung, Stephan Laurent, Ben Munisteri, Edward Ellison, Vladimir Vasiliev, Anna Rubio, Karinne Keithley, Chloe Smethurst, Faith Pilger, Taleema Mithra, Tamieca McCloud, Alison D'Amato, Diane Vivona, Paul Ben-Itzak,and many others.

**Dance images from the leading dance photographers of the past 20 years, including Marty Sohl, Julie Lemberger, Jamie Phillips, and others, as well as original art by Robin Hoffman.

"This is an invaluable and unique resource, a chronology of dance as it has developed and been reprised all over the world at the twilight of the 20th and dawn of the 21st century," said Ben-Itzak. "Our goal in selling the Dance Insider Archives is to ensure that this immense resource is immunized from the vicissitudes of online publishing and commercial publishing in general and continues to be available to dance scholars, students, and most of all the dancers who were at the core of the Dance Insider's founding in June 1998, with a mission to tell stories not told elsewhere, build the dance audience, and give a voice to dancers." .

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