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Flash News, 4-1: Cultural Relevance
Dance/USA Mobilizes for Jowitt

By I.B. Foo-lin
Copyright 2008 I.B. Foo-lin

NEW YORK -- In a decisively vigorous response to the Village Voice's firing of dance critic Deborah Jowitt last week and its elimination of the dance critic position, officials of Dance/ USA interrupted their weekly dance criticism study group and suspended their massive dance funding lobbying efforts to descend on Greenwich Village and lead dancers and presenters in picketing the offices of the venerable alternative weekly.

Stephen Greco, executive director of Dance Theater Workshop and a member of the sub-committee of the steering committee of the survey committee of the dance criticism study group at Dance USA, as well as a nominee for DTW's 2008 Stephen Greco Dance Service award, said that in addition to picketing the Voice, DTW was also leading a call to boycott advertising in the Voice. When it was pointed out that DTW has not advertised in the Voice for two years, and that the lack of advertising from NYC dance presenters might be in part responsible for the Voice's eliminating the dance critic position, Greco's hair stood on end as the erstwhile executive indignantly responded, "How dare you try to connect advertising with coverage?", before stalking off to a meeting with a journalist from Gawker to try to convince her that dance was still culturally relevant, after which he was scheduled to preside over the christening of DTW's new Stephen Greco Studio.

The picketing will start at noon today, April 1.

(April Fool's.)

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