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The Buzz, 9-7: The Big Uneasy
My Third World Country

"That's my blood down there."

-- The Neville Brothers, "My Blood"

By Paul Ben-Itzak
Copyright 2005 The Dance Insider

They are guilty of drowning while black.

How could the president have known the levee was going to break?
(They'd been warning for years.)

How could he have known al Quaeda was going to attack in the United States?
(Well, there was that "bin Laden determined to attack in the United States" memo.)

How could the mayor, governor, and president have known the poor, the black, the disinherited had no means to "evacuate now"?
(After all, they were invisible.)

Biloxi asks, Where is the National Guard and its equipment?
(In Iraq, protecting your homeland's security.)

There was no money left for the engineers to shore up the levees in America, because it was being diverted to shore up the New American Century in the Middle East.
(Now we are forced to accept international aid. Except from Cuba.)

While New Orleans, our jewel, and the jewels that keep its culture, its hotels, its restaurants going drowned, the president peddled.

Cry my beloved third world country.

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