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Flash Appeal, 10-13: Give Thanks
Help us Preserve Marie Taglioni's Legacy

Dear Dance Insider,

Now more than ever, we need YOUR contribution to support our work to restore and preserve Marie Taglioni's legacy, a legacy we ALL -- dancers, critics, students, teachers, dance wear and shoe companies -- have profited from.

Thanks to support from Body Wrappers, the Martha Graham Center, Nicholas Birns, Sara Sweet Rabidoux and others the Dance Insider was able to reveal last week that Marie Taglioni is not buried in the grave that bears her name. We also were able to reveal that Taglioni is apparently buried under the name of the ex-husband she divorced after he turned her away from their home because she wouldn't stop dancing. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please click here. If you don't know who Marie Taglioni was and why you should care, write to me at paul@danceinsider.com and I'll explain.)

We will not stop until Marie Taglioni is properly recognized for who she was. Until all dancers know where to find her so that they can give thanks.

If you value our campaign, please tell us so by sending your support -- no amount is too small. We are offering generous premiums in the form of free advertising for contributions as low as $50. Write me at paul@danceinsider.com for more details.



PS: The Dance Insider is the ONLY major dance publication delivered to your doorstep for free. We do this because we feel our work is necessary, and it's necessary that dancers and others in our profession get the truly inside story on dance told ONLY in the Dance Insider. Please tell us that our work matters to you by sending your contribution.



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