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"Cross-Country / A Memoir of France" (Archives)

By Paul Ben-Itzak

Paul Ben-Itzak lived in Paris and the south of France from 2000 to 2010 before returning to the United States. This is the saga of his exchanges and experiences, epiphanies and regrets, as well as the story of a man and his three bilingual cats. Chapters of "Cross-Country / A Memoir of France" are indexed below in the chronological order in which they have been published. Access to the first 14 chapters of 'Cross-Country' is free. To read chapters 15 and on, you must be a subscriber. Subscriptions to the Dance Insider & Arts Voyager are just $29.95/year, and also include full access to all new articles and archived Flash Reviews and News, Arts Voyager galleries and travelogues, photography features, commentary, Jill Johnston, our Martha Graham Archives, Martha Graham Photo Album, Paul's popular Buzz column, and more. You can subscribe with PayPal by hitting the 'Subscribe' button below, or by check through the mail; write us for more information on subscribing by check or institutional subscriptions. Paul is looking for an agent to place these memoirs. Got a tip? E-mail him.

1: Past as Prelude

2: The Girl in the Green Dress

3: The Ghosts of the Square Albin Cachot

4: C'est tout tout?

5: The Return of the Girl in the Green Dress; Chez moi chez Baudelaire & Yeats

6: Paul au Pays des Morts-vivants

7: Les compagnons de la route

8: Lost in Translation

9: La Gamine de Montmartre

10: In Montparnasse with Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Amelie

11: Fool for love

12: Mon menage a moi

13: La merde qui tombe

14: A balcony on Paradis

15: Cherché la femme

16: Border crossings

17: Children of Paradise, Martyrs for Love

18: If the hat doesn't fit, comment trouvé l'amour?

19: Oui, je parle baguette

20: An American Protester in Paris

21: ... in which the Old Boy Network Finally Pays Off -- with a Paris Gal Pal

22: Le jour se leve