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Flash Review 2, 3-20: Project Y
Living the Lux Life with Angela Guerreiro

By Bettina Preuschoff
Copyright 2001 Bettina Preuschoff

HAMBURG, Germany -- After a long break not writing for the DI, I would like to spot you out some thoughts about a performance I've seen in my new hometown of Hamburg. I went to see "Project Y," the new piece from Angela Guerreiro. A Portuguese choreographer, Guerreiro has lived and worked in Hamburg since 1994. "Project Y" is the second part of a trilogy which got worked out at Kampnagel/Hamburg (the International Center for Contemporary Performing Arts) in relationship with two multivision-artists, Georg Kuhn and Hartmut Gerbsch of Dura Lux.



Two sentences I remember of a speech, given by one of the fantastic performers in the beginning of this evening at Kampnagel. These little two sentences touch very directly and clearly the theme of this courageous work. Where are we, in our bodies, in front of all those technical and scientific possibilities of our days?

What is fiction?

What is reality?

What is just fantasy and what's going to be possible one day? And where is our place in this brave new world?

Those and many more questions surely turned around in the heads of everybody (every body!) in the audience.

For the beginning of "Project Y," the choreographer invited Dura Lux, a composer-lighting designer team, to work out a kind of visual-sound space. The performers (Josephine Evrard, Sasa Queliz, Miguel Pereira and Guerreiro) entered later and developed their own material in reaction of this visual-sound space.

In this performance every participant found his or her real vocation and place. Dura Lux are really masters of their work! Amazing pictures sweep by, always accompanied by interesting sound-scapes, on three huge and moveable screens. They also get projected directly on the performers' bodies, which gives a kind of surrealistic and strange impression.

All the performers/dancers convinced me by their varied dancing and acting reactions in different situations!

One important point for me is that all the technical leaves enough space for everybody on stage, which is necessary remembering the theme of this piece...but I am sure that it was not so easy to find the right balance....

Strong, rough and also poetic moments for about 70 minutes.

A great mixture of lightwork, sound, film, dance and theater.

Yes! Really strong moments, but always enough liberty for the audience to follow their own feelings and thoughts -- which is a good thing!

Leaving Kampnagel that evening last week made me curious to see the third part of this trilogy: "Project Z," in which Guerreiro will confront all the artists of the first two parts.

I went home with a lot of pictures and emotions on this evening.... Thank you to the artists!

For more information, check out Kampnagel's web site, Guerreiro's web site, or Dura Lux's site. (For the last of these, you need to click on the Dura Lux logo to get into the site.)

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