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Flash Responses, 4-29: DI Graham Coverage
Hodes, Swinston, and Helpern Respond

(Editor's note: The following are in response to Flash News and Analysis, 4-26: Errand into the Legal Maze, Friday's report and opinion on the Graham v. Graham trial continuing this week in Federal District Court in Manhattan.)

From Stuart Hodes, legendary Martha Graham dancer and current Dean of Students at the Martha Graham school: "Your excellent trial coverage was marred by its ill-thought-out commentary, posing a scenario with good guy/bad guys roles reversed. Whoever wins, choreographers should learn to do what writers routinely do, mark their material with a copyright symbol. They can also work with their boards about ownership, and specify who inherits what they do in fact own. That will happen whatever the outcome. But if Protas wins, the U.S. loses a precious cultural heritage, make no mistake about that."

From Robert Swinston, Assistant the Choreographer, Merce Cunningham Dance Company: "I think it would be best if you stick to the facts of the MG case, which I am sure are reported accurately. I think you may be doing us a disservice by bringing Merce and the Cunningham Dance Foundation into this fray."

From Alice Helpern, former Studio Director of the Cunningham Studio: "I think your coverage of the trial is incredible.... But, the Brecht reference was too much, and also using Merce as an example is not fair because the Cunningham Foundation is well aware of future planning and has been for some time. I don't know the details, but the archives have already been arranged for with the New York Public Library, and I think you are comparing apples and (not even oranges) candy bars."

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