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Flash News, 4-29: Joffrey Ballet of Chicago Reduces Debt
Joffrey's Debt to Dancers Still Lingers

By Dance Insider Staff
Copyright 2002 The Dance Insider

CHICAGO -- The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago has reduced its accumulated debt $1.2 million to $2.4 million, executive director Jon Teeuwissen told the Dance Insider.

"Part of that reduction is pay-down of a bank loan," said Teeuwissen. "The larger part is debt forgiveness by two board members who fronted the expense of moving the company from New York to Chicago."

The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago also owes a debt to many dancers for the former Joffrey Ballet, who did not have a choice as to whether to forgive salary the company owed to them when the company ceased to exist as "the Joffrey Ballet" and re-constituted itself in 1995 as a new organization, the "Joffrey Ballet of Chicago," which, technically if not ethically, was not liable for the debt owed to the dancers. After pressing for some restitution, those dancers today receive a small amount from boutique sales, but it is nowhere near what they were owed.

The JBC is currently in the midst of a capital campaign to raise $24 million to renovate a building that was donated to the company in 2000, and that will become its permanent home, Teeuwissen said.

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