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Flash News, April 1: Resurrection

By C.P. Vrai
Copyright 2003 C.P. Vrai

WASHINGTON -- In a bold move to cement its ties to members after the controversial firing of six staffers, APAP has tapped former Martha Graham company artistic director Ron Protas as its new Vice President for Member Affairs, APAP Vice President for External Affairs Hatrick Maddening told the Dance Insider this morning, April 1.

'In searching for someone to liaison with theaters and artists," Maddening explained, "we couldn't think of anyone better than Mr. Protas, who is apparently known throughout the artistic community."

Kimberly Channeling, another APAP vice president -- the arts organization had 12 as of yesterday, out of 13 employees -- beamed, "In addition to Mr. Protas's reputation among arts organizations, his long and continuing friendship with Ms. Graham makes him an ideal consul on artistic matters."

The Dance Insider was unable to contact Mr. Protas, who was said to be taking a holiday today, April 1. Reached in the Capitol, where he is awaiting word on whether the Supreme Court will hear his client's appeal of last summer's Federal Court decision to award most of Ms. Graham's dances to her dance company, Mr. Protas's lawyer, Just Bursting, said, "This is the first I've heard of this. Considering that you went to the putting your hand on a rock school of journalism, I take this 'news' with more than a grain of (rock) salt. Like my client, I'm no fool."

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