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Flash Press Release, 3-17: Global Beat
Dance Insider Leads in Overseas Readers; Good News for Dance Wear Companies

PARIS -- The Dance Insider firmly established itself as the leading US dance publication overseas last year, with 10 percent or approximately 44,000 of the 443,000 visitors to www.danceinsider.com coming from outside the United States, an analysis of statistics kept by Urchin Reports reveals.

"This is great news for our dance wear advertisers," DI publisher Paul Ben-Itzak said, explaining, "The weak dollar currently makes it very attractive for overseas customers to purchase American products. As the only US dance publication firmly entrenched in Asia, Europe, and around the globe, the DI and its advertisers are ideally positioned to reach these markets, particularly for online marketing, as global Internet access continues to expand."

According to Urchin Reports, which tracks statistics for the Dance Insider Online, outside of the US, which accounts for 90 percent of its audience, the DI scored biggest in Japan and France, which each sent approximately 7,000 visitors to the site in 2003. It was likewise a hit in the United Kingdom and Australia, from each of which about 6,000 visitors to the DI Online originated. The DI was also popular in Germany, Canada, Singapore, Italy and the Netherlands.

Visitors to the site came as well from China and Taiwan, South Africa, Israel, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, India, the Philippines, Greece, Brazil, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, and Spain.

The DI maintains a full-time Paris bureau and a London bureau, has two correspondents in Australia, and last year also featured regular coverage from Japan and throughout Asia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

"Our unique popularity abroad reflects both our global presence and the interest in communities across the globe in inside coverage of dance from around the world, as only the Dance Insider is able to provide it," said Ben-Itzak.

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