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Flash Response, 4-16: Marketing Martha
A Positive Definition of Sex

A letter from Paul D. Mosley
Copyright 2004 Paul D. Mosley

Wow, what a scathing critique of the marketing of the Martha Graham Dance Company's City Center season! I, however, must concur with (the) Graham marketers; Martha Graham and her work are profoundly informed by human sexuality, and her own sexual feelings.

(Martha Graham) was creating much of her work in an era when modern psychotherapy was developing some fascinating theories of sexuality and the unconscious. If the word sex does not describe much of her work, I do not know what does. While marketers may be using the word as a teaser to attract audiences, those who come because of that will see sex and sexuality redeemed from the gutter, and perhaps themselves with it. We live in an age when 50% of Internet web sites feature the most depraved pornographic images imaginable. To offer a redefinition of sex (an older definition) in this day and age through the work of Martha Graham seems like a positive marketing strategy to me.

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