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Flash Press Release, 10-27: Wrapture
Body Wrappers, Directory, Photos Most Popular Pages on the Dance Insider

By Dance Insider Staff
Copyright 2004 The Dance Insider

The page for Body Wrappers, a leading dance and fitness apparel manufacturer; the Dance Insider Online Directory; and the Dance Insider Photo Album were among the top ten pages on the Dance Insider Online for September, when the site scored its most ever hits, 405,000, from 45,000 visitors, according to Urchin Reports.

Body Wrappers is principal sponsor for Flash Reviews from the US and Europe on the Dance Insider Online. In September, the Body Wrappers page on the DI was the fourth most popular page on the site, with only the Home page and Flash Review Archives page being visited more often. In addition, the page for the Body Wrappers product Razzle-Dazzle, which dancers can access directly from the Body Wrappers page, was one of the top 20 most popular pages on the site for the month.

The Dance Insider Photo Album, currently featuring New York photographer Julie Lemberger on the resurrection of the Martha Graham Dance Company, was the fifth most popular feature, while the Dance Insider Online Directory came in 7th. Unlike print directories, the DI Online Directory enables readers to directly go to or send an e-mail to leading dance schools, college dance departments and dance companies.

Explaining the popularity of the Body Wrappers pages, DI publisher Paul Ben-Itzak said, "Basically, our readers -- professional dancers, dance company directors, teachers, and the dance students they influence -- want to find out about quality dance wear. Thus, even though the Body Wrappers pages are technically 'advertising' pages, our readers don't see them as advertising but rather information, of equal interest to them as our editorial. And because they access the Dance Insider daily for our constantly changing content, monthly or semi-monthly dance publications which are read one day then sit on a table the rest of the month can't touch this type of exposure."

He added: "We're particularly elated to be able to deliver these kinds of results for Body Wrappers, and not just because they along with Danspace Project and Dance Theater Workshop have been among our biggest supporters over the years. Like the Dance Insider, Body Wrappers thinks big."
Body Wrappers' newest campaign, for its Premiere Collection, features an unprecedented three major ballerinas: From left, Maria Kowroski, Wendy Whelan, and Yvonne Borree, all of the New York City Ballet. Photo courtesy Body Wrappers.

Body Wrappers' newest campaign, for its trademarked Premiere Collection, features an unprecedented three major ballerinas, all from the New York City Ballet: Maria Kowroski, Yvonne Borree, and Wendy Whelan. Having three world-class ballerinas posing together for catalogs, posters, and ads, is designed, says Body Wrappers' marketing director Trudy Christ, "to show Body Wrappers' commitment to quality and an excellent fit, reinforcing the slogan and belief that the Premiere Collection is 'designed for the career dancer.'"

"Like Body Wrappers' Premiere Collection," Ben-Itzak concluded, "the Dance Insider is created with serious dancers in mind. It's a great synergy, so I'm not surprised that their page and their message have proved so popular with our readers."

For information on advertising on the Dance Insider Online, please contact paul@danceinsider.com.

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