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Flash Announcement, 1-5: Critical Work
Sponsor a Famous Flasher

The Dance Insider today begins offering readers valuable advertising premiums for their own or their favorite dance companies or schools, in return for sponsoring their favorite DI critics, including New York critics Darrah Carr, Chris Dohse, Maura Nguyen Donohue, Gus Solomons jr, and Beliz Demircioglu; New York and Philadelpia critic Lisa Kraus; New York critic and music specialist Douglas Frank; West Coast bureau chief and critic Aimee Ts'ao; London bureau chief and critic Josephine Leask; Paris bureau chief, critic, and Buzz columnist Paul Ben-Itzak; Flamenco editor Anna Arias Rubio; Philadelphia correspondent Andrew Simonet; Melbourne bureau chief Chloe Smethurst; and special contributors including Christine Chen, Peggy Cheng, Faith Pilger, and others.

To read more about the writers, just click on their names above.

In addition to being credited with each article by the sponsored writer, Flash Sponsors will receive the following advertising premiums, to be applied to their own dance company or school or a dance company or school of their choice:

$2000 contribution: One year of premium banner advertising on the Dance Insider, a $6000 value.

$1,500: Six months of banner advertising, a $3,000 value.

$1,000: Four months of banner advertising, a $2,000 value.

$500: Two months of banner advertising, a $1,000 value.

$300: One month of banner advertising, a $500 value.

$150: One-year listing on the Dance Insider Online Directory, a $300 value.

$100: Three e-mail ads, a $199 value.

$50: E-mail ad, a $99 value.

To sign up to sponsor a Dance Insider writer, please e-mail Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak at paul@danceinsider.com. Please tell us the amount at which you would like to become a sponsor, and list three writers from the above list you would be interested in sponsoring, in order of preference. (Those interested in sponsoring articles by Christine Chen, Peggy Cheng, Faith Pilger or other occasional contributors to the DI should write "Special Contributors.") Thank you!

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