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Flash Report, 6-14: Million-Dollar Baby
1 million pageviews & 5 million hits for The Dance Insider Online

For the one year period May 26, 2004 to May 25, 2005, The Dance Insider Online, the most trusted voice in dance, recorded 5 million hits and 1 million pageviews.

According to Web traffic tracker Urchin Reports, 575,502 visitors to www.danceinsider.com viewed 994,126 pages producing 4.8 million hits in the one-year period covered.

"We're honored that professional dancers, teachers, and the serious students influenced by them have made the Dance Insider the dance industry's most popular publication, on the Internet or in print," Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak said. "We're also proud to be able to deliver these kind of numbers to our advertisers and sponsors."

As an example, Ben-Itzak noted that the message of one advertiser, New York dance and team apparel manufacturer Body Wrappers, was viewed 725,711 times over the last year. "That's the number of times Body Wrappers ads or sponsor notices were viewed on the Dance Insider," he explained. Body Wrappers has sponsored Dance Insider Flash Reviews from the US and Europe since 2001.

"Because the Dance Insider is published daily as opposed to monthly like a print magazine," he added, "professional dancers, teachers, and serious dance students view our sponsors' and advertisers' message every single day," Ben-Itzak said. "And they come from all over the world." In 2004, according to Urchin, readers from 147 countries visited the Dance Insider Online.

For information on advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the Dance Insider Online, please contact publisher Paul Ben-Itzak at paul@danceinsider.com.

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