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Flash Announcement, 7-19
Dance Insider to Re-publish Pioneering Critic and Author Jill Johnston

By Dance Insider Staff
The Dance Insider

The Dance Insider is honored to announce it will be re-publishing The Johnston Letter, a new column by Jill Johnston, one of our most influential critics and authors. The Dance Insider will republish her column after it appears on Johnston's new website, www.jilljohnston.com.

"As the original dance critic for the Village Voice," Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak said, "Jill Johnston played a fundamental role in shaping the perception of a nascent movement in modern dance during the 1960s. She went on to pioneer a personal style of non-fiction writing that helped re-shape journalism itself. We're elated that after writing ten books on subjects that range way beyond dance, Jill Johnston's voice is returning to the dance community, and we are able to be the vehicle."

Jill Johnston's latest book is "At Sea on Land: Extreme Politics." For a complete biography, please go to http://www.jilljohnston.com/Biography.aspx.

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