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Flash Forum, 9-9: Giametry
Dance-haters of the Times: Letters from Ybned Niwde & Robert Yesselman

Ybned Niwde (a pseudonymn) writes:

I hadn't read Gia Kourlas's piece until you mentioned it in the DI e-mail. I avoid the NYT at all costs and only glance at the home page online once in a while, never clicking the "arts" link.

Thanks to the Giabeast for providing the NYC dance community with its next weapon in the ongoing Giahad. Can she have any idea how hated she is becoming? What drives her?

I couldn't really read the whole article either. Kind of like listening to Bush speak his lies, you wonder to yourself, does anyone believe a word of this tripe? Who could possibly respect her opinion enough to care what she thinks about anything? But then, I think the same thoughts about almost every other dance writer alive today.

And I wonder, where is she getting her information? From advance videos sent to her by the French? Or did Missy Miss have a continental vacation this summer to see all the hot new Euroblab? Probably the NYT paid for it, as they did for Fogwell to come over for his balletic education.

As GK believes NYC is no longer the center of dance (and frankly, who cares for these kinds of meaningless catch phrases except vapid trendspotters), the NYT is no longer credible as a document of the arts.

Robert Yesselman, director of the trade organization Dance/NYC, writes in part, in a letter to the New York Times a copy of which was obtained by the Dance Insider:

.... It is unfortunate at the least that the Times has a critic who now publicly announces her distaste for the art she is responsible for reviewing.

For more on this subject, click here to read Paul Ben-Itzak's Buzz column. Send your letters to paul@danceinsider.com.

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