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Flash Press Release, 11-14: DI Numbers Up
Dance Insider Adds 10,000 Visitors in October

By The Dance Insider
The Dance Insider

Visitors to www.danceinsider.com shot up 10,000 last month to 65,000 from 55,000 in September (according to Urchin Reports), the most visitors the Dance Insider Online has had in one month since going online in February 2000.

The Dance Insider Online is the leading publication in any medium, online or in print, reaching the professional dance community, including professional dancers, dance company directors, teachers, college students and dance studio owners. It is also the most popular dance-only site on the Internet, with readers in more than 130 countries. Three out of four readers regularly purchase dance wear or dance shoes for themselves or others, according to the DI's last reader survey, and three out of four attend at least one dance performance per week.

After the Home page, the most popular pages on the Dance Insider for October, according to Urchin, were the Flash Review Archives, which links to all Flash Reviews posted on the DI since its inception; Aimee Tsao's 2004 Flash Review of San Francisco Ballet's new "Nutcracker"; the page for Body Wrappers, a New York manufacturer of dance and team apparel and the sponsor of Dance Insider Flash Reviews from the US & Europe; the DI's About/Contact page, with information on the Dance Insider's mostly dancer staff; Francis Mason's 2002 interview with American Ballet Theatre star Ethan Stiefel, reprinted from Ballet Review; Julie Lemberger's Photo Album on the Martha Graham Dance Company; the Dance Insider Online Directory, which lists leading schools and dance companies; a facsimile of the Houston Chronicle's story on the Dance Insider; the Martha Graham Archives, linking to the Dance Insider's lead coverage of news and reviews of the oldest modern dance company in the world; the archives for editor & publisher Paul Ben-Itzak's Buzz column, with exclusive news and commentary on leading issues in the dance community; the Dance Insider Search page; and Maina Gielgud's 2000 interview with Royal Ballet founder Dame Ninette de Valois.

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