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Flash Sale, 12-2: You are Here
$67 to Tell 6,700 About your Company or School for a Year

By The Dance Insider
Copyright 2005 The Dance Insider

As an unprecedented Dance Insider reader exclusive, you can now list your dance company, school, college dance department or yourself on the popular Dance Insider Online Directory for one whole year for $67 -- a whopping $232 savings off the regular rate of $299/year. What does that get you? According to Urchin Reports, the DI Directory was visited 6,712 times over the past year, making it one of the top if not the top dance listings in any medium, print or online. Who were those visitors? Dance professionals, dance teachers, dance department and studio directors, presenters, artistic and executive directors, foundations, dance wear and shoe companies, dance media and dance fans in more than 130 countries, three out of four of them in the United States.

At $67 for 6,712 visitors, that's less than 1 cent per visitor. And you can tell your colleagues and supporters to look you up on the most prestigious journalistic destination in dance, the Dance Insider.

No dance company? No problem! Give your favorite dance company the holiday gift that keeps on giving, making sure dance presenters and others know where to find them. (Unlike print listings, linked DI listings allow visitors to go to your site immediately and/or send you an e-mail directly.) No dance department or school? Give a listing to your alma mater, or to that teacher who helped make you the artist you are today.

What's the catch? You need to reserve your listing no later than December 15, 2005, and you need to pay for it by December 24, 2005. This offer is for new listees only, and is extended exclusively to dancers, dance teachers, colleges, studios, dance companies and tech artists.

To reserve your listing, e-mail Dance Insider publisher Paul Ben-Itzak at paul@danceinsider.com.

Don't get lost. Get found on the Dance Insider Online.

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