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Flash Report, 1-25: All Over the World
Dance Insider Pageviews Pass 1 Million Mark

Pages viewed on the Dance Insider Online passed the one million mark for the first time in 2005, jumping to 1,071,176, an increase of 157,688 over 2004, according to Urchin Reports. The DI had 622,522 visitors for the year, 87,280 more than in 2004, and 4.7 million hits, an increase of more than 100,000. Visitors came from more than 150 countries, with about 82 percent coming from the US, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Singapore and Brazil. After the Home and Flash Review Archive pages, the most popular page on the DI was an advertising page purchased by Body Wrappers, the New York manufacturer of team and dance apparel, which was viewed by 13,484 dancers and others last year. Body Wrappers is the sponsor of Flash Reviews from the U.S. and Europe on the DI.

"More than 17,000 readers visited our Flash Review Archive," said DI publisher Paul Ben-Itzak, "and more than 13,000 visited an advertising page to look for dancewear. From the US military (653 visitors) to the Vatican (1), from China (1,027) to Iran (64), from the US (510,000) to the UK (8,514), from Canada (4,516) to Christmas Island (1), from 150 countries all over the world dancers came to the Dance Insider to read about dance and to find out where to dress themselves to dance. Dancers also appreciate that unlike at the New York Times, which recently decided to restrict free access to its archive of dance reviews older than a week, they can access every single article ever written on the Dance Insider entirely for free."

In addition to the new restrictions at the Times, which previously provided free access to its archive of dance reviews, the Village Voice recently cut dance coverage back to half a page. The Times is also undergoing a change in its dance staff. "Before now," said Ben-Itzak, "the leading publications covering dance on a regular basis in New York were the Times, the Voice, and the Dance Insider, although the first two of course largely limit their horizons to New York City, whereas the DI's scope is broader. With the recent changes at the Times and the Voice dramatically decreasing their free offerings, we expect our readership to continue to climb as we add audience interested in easy access to professional, intelligent, and qualified dance criticism, mostly written by dancers themselves, as well as fearless and dedicated coverage of labor and other issues vital to dancers."

According to the latest Dance Insider user survey, three out of four readers regularly purchase dance wear or dance shoes for themselves or others, and three out of four attend at least one dance performance per week.

After the Home, Flash Archive, and Body Wrappers pages, the most popular destinations on the DI were Francis Mason's 2002 interview with American Ballet Theatre superstar Ethan Stiefel and Julie Lemberger's Photo Album of the Martha Graham company, both viewed more than 10,000 times; the About/Contact page, which includes biographies of the DI's dancer-writers and staff; the Dance Insider Online Directory, regarded more than 7,000 times; Aimee Ts'ao's 2004 Flash Review of San Francisco Ballet's then-new production of "The Nutcracker"; publisher Paul Ben-Itzak's Buzz column, which features scoops and commentary on dance news from around the world; the Hot Classified section; a separate archive of the DI's Martha Graham coverage; and the DI's Search page, which enables readers to search and retrieve articles for free from the entire library of six years of Dance Insider coverage.

The Dance Insider Online is the leading publication in any medium, online or in print, reaching the professional dance community, including professional dancers, dance company directors, teachers, college students and dance studio owners, as well as the leading independent publication serving dance presenters. It is also the most popular dance-only site on the Internet.

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