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Critiquing the Critics, II, 6-9
Get Thee to a Demolition Derby

By Andrew Simonet
Copyright 2006 Andrew Simonet

The thing I would ask critics to do is what I think we artists should do: go out and see things that are not dance. Skateboard contests, Promise Keeper rallies, boy-band concerts, DIY punk shows, drum corps competitions, creative anachronism faires, open-mic comedy, immigration rallies, drag shows, karaoke nights, found film festivals, eating contests, demolition derbies, line dancing nights. The physical culture of our strange times is bewildering and lovely. And I'd love to have that more present in my conversations with artists and critics.

I know, I know. There's no time. You don't even get to see half the dance shows you should see, so how can you possibly go geocaching? (Google it if you don't know....) I propose a 10% shift: one new (to me) non-dance event every couple weeks. Or even every month. See what that does to my work and my discussions. If we want the dance conversation to be broader, richer, grounded in the world rather than the dance studio, we need to let the world in.



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