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Flash View, 7-19, 2: Against a Boycott
Is it Fair to Punish the Artists?

Letters from Jeramy Zimmerman, Christine Jowers, & Jody Oberfelder
Copyright Jeramy Zimmerman, Christine Jowers, & Jody Oberfelder

Jeramy Zimmerman writes:

Boycott of Israeli dance?

This is a good question. Especially timely, as I've never gotten to see Batsheva and was looking forward to doing so at Lincoln Center.

On the one hand, yes, the violence is deplorable and shocking -- the use of force overwhelming.

On the other hand -- can art be above this sort of politics? You might know firsthand. When the US invaded Iraq and the French were very against it, were American dance companies boycotted? In my experience (especially with the French) I have been lucky to deal with people who could separate me as a American from the American government.

Perhaps the answer would be not to force the companies to make a statement regarding the recent incursions, but certainly to allow them a voice to do so if they wish.

Christine Jowers writes:

More dance less war.

Do not boycott dance companies because of their countries' politics.

Art reminds us that we have a soul worth saving.

If one is unhappy with Israel and wants to make a statement at a dance concert wear black armbands or something but support art.

Jody Oberfelder writes:

The dancers/choreograhers have nothing to do with the bombings.

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