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Flash Letter, 10-24: Youth's Sweet Song
In Dan's Company

More Memories of Shapiro
From Janis Brenner

Danny was a "dance warrior" from the first time I met him at the tender age of 20, when we were both young dancers in Murray Louis's company, and throughout his prolonged, four-year illness. He always danced fully and with great committment and was one of my favorite partners in Murray's work; so reliable, so easy, and so much fun to improvise with. He and I presented our first concert together in 1981 at Nik and Murray's Choreospace. Being ambitious, he was already thinking of having a company and naming it "DansCompany." On tour, Danny was a great story-teller, a practical joker, and was a sponge for absorbing the cultures and languages of places we travelled. We would tour to France, and it seemed all of a sudden he would be speaking French. When he and Joanie went off to Finland on a Fulbright after leaving MLDC, I remember him writing that perhaps he'd met his match trying to learn Finnish! And he and Joanie were a match made in dance heaven and a choreographic whirlwind. He was a great advocate for dance technology, and was still working via the Internet with Betsy Fisher and her students in Hawaii until the week of his death.

Danny was a treasured friend. Among so many recollections, I picture the two of us singing Holly Near's "Aye Una Mujer Desaparecido" quietly together, in harmony, on those long bus tours through Europe. He was a big, strong, forthright guy, yet he sang so sweetly.

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