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Flash Letter, 11-6: Mission Possible
Running for Congress as if my life depended on it. In fact, I think it does.....

By Krissy Keefer
San Francisco

Dear Fellow Dancers,

My name is Krissy Keefer. You may know of me from the Wallflower Order dance collective, Dance Brigade, and Dance Mission. I have been dancing and choreographing performances since the mid-1970s. I have always woven politics into my performances, and now I am making a courageous leap -- into the world of just politics. Last December, I made the decision to run for Congress as a member of the Green Party. Since then, I have been running for Congress as if my life depended on it. In fact, I think it does....

We are now ruled by a criminal administration and an anemic Congress at best. As the Democrats appear poised to take back the House of Representatives, impeachment is on the tips of everone's tongues....

And yet, Nancy Pelosi, my primary opponent in my race for Congress, has publicly stated her opposition to impeachment on numerous occasions, most recently on 60 Minutes. She says this despite the fact that there is an impeachment measure on the San Francisco ballot on November 7, and it is likely to pass with a landslide.

She also voted FOR the USA Patriot Act of 2001. And she has voted for every dime of war money that George W. Bush has demanded (unlike her Bay Area colleagues, Barbara Lee, Pete Stark, and Lynn Woolsey). She ignored San Francisco's Proposition N in 2004, calling for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq -- it passed with a landslide, and yet she voted against the Woolsey Amendment of May 2005, calling for the creation of a timetable for the withdrawal of the troops, and she said of Representative John Murtha, when he first called for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq in late 2005, "Representative Murtha speaks for himself." She did not get on board with calls for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq until two well-known local Greens, Medea Benjamin and Matt Gonzalez, began to make noises about running against her. (Both declined.)

And yet Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco?

She may represent San Francisco, but I do not believe she reflects it. The continued presidency of George W. Bush is a grave danger to the planet. While I believe that impeachment is about justice, I also believe that we need to psychically tie up members of the Bush administration so that they cannot create more havoc than they have already created -- and yet she says she opposes the pursuit of impeachment.

With the exception of one online newspaper and a few local monthlies, the San Francisco media is largely ignoring my candidacy and the fact that Nancy Pelosi is grossly out of step with her constituency. Nonetheless, I am running until the end. I thank you in advance for your votes and your emotional and spiritual support in these last crucial days.

From the bottom of my heart,
Krissy Keefer

More info: www.krissyforcongress.com.
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