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Flash Press Release, 6-21: Dances for Deann
A Benefit for a Broken Back

From Terry Dean Bartlett
and Sydney Skybetter

NEW YORK -- On May 20, Tisch/New York University MFA graduate in dance deeAnn Nelson of Streb suffered a tragic fall in a Streb performance and fractured her spine. She has since come through surgery with flying colors, and a full recovery is expected, though the rehabilitation is going to be long and arduous. While all of deeAnn's medical expenses are covered, she will need resources for rent, bills, living, etcetera until she is "back on her feet." She will be in pins, rods, screws and a brace for the next six months, then will face an intensive program of rehab. As a fierce and talented dancer, deeAnn has given her all for her art. Now, she will need all of the support from her community that she can get.

The dance community has turned out in droves asking: "How can I help?" What better way than through a dance concert to bring us together? An evening of established and emerging artists has thus come together to help raise funds for an amazing performer, Monday, July 2, 7:30 p.m. at Dance Theater Workshop, which has graciously donated the space, as have the artists their services.

Featured will be the brilliant work of Gus Solomons jr, Heidi Latsky, Niles Ford: Urban Dance Collective, Jody Oberfelder, Laura Peterson Choreography, Ellis Wood, Hartel Dance Group (Oklahoma), the Wonder Twins, a dance video from Jonah Bokaer, Michael Cole, and Christian Marclay, Nathan Phillips, Jo-anne Lee, Gabriel Forestieri: projectlimb, Battleworks, a lobby video by Nadine Helstroffer and more. We'll also offer raffle prizes.

A huge thanks goes out to all the performers and choreographers donating their time and work to this effort. And further thanks to everyone who so generously offered to present work on deeAnn's behalf, that we could not include on the bill. We could have had a two-day marathon, but logistics would not allow.

Tickets are $40, with all proceeds going to deeAnn Nelson towards her recovery. To purchase tickets, click here, then go to "July," or call 212-924-0077. For more information, go to www.deeAnnNelson.com.

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