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Flash Exhibition, 6-21: Making the Fleeting Permanent
A Dancer Captures Dance

Photography by Julie Lemberger
Copyright Julie Lemberger

(Editor's Note: For more than a decade, the photography of Julie Lemberger has been featured locally in New York, nationally, and internationally in publications including the New York Times, Dance magazine, and, we're proud to say, the Dance Insider Online magazine. Through July 8, it will be featured in exhibition at Dance Theater Workshop in New York. Herewith some images. -- PBI)


Donna Uchizono Company. Julie Lemberger photo copyright Julie Lemberger.


Juniper Tree and Julio Bocca and Alina Solonskaya, Eifman Ballet. Julie Lemberger photo copyright Julie Lemberger.


Julie Lemberger at Dance Theater Workshop. Pictured: Dance by Laurie McLeod and Donna Uchizono. Julie Lemberger photo copyright Julie Lemberger.



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