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December 2000

Flash View, 12-22: It's the Dancer
Let us Now Praise Modern Dancers

Flash Review, 12-19: Holiday Fun in Chicago
Joffrey's "Nutcracker," and Other Treats

Flash Review 1, 12-18: Way-out Art Tour
ODC Sketches Raphael at the Getty

Flash Review 2, 12-18: 'One Fell Swoop'
Wells Finds the Art in Skateboarding

Flash Review 1, 12-16: Weighing the 'Divine'
Rosa Mei Dances Dante

Flash Review 2, 12-16: Crippled Birds
Brenner's Flights of Polka & Other Fancies

Flash View, 12-14: Keefer's Crucial Crusade
A Dissenting Voice

Flash Review, 12-14: Yummy Ballet
ABT Youngsters' Winning Night at the Kaye

Flash View, 12-13: Keefer's Crazy Crusade
A Wounded Ballet Mom Strikes Out Blindly

Flash Review, 12-13: Ailey Strikes a Balance
I Should Have Paid for It!

Flash Review 1, 12-12: Ballet HisPedroco. Video Clip!
Ruiz and Hispanico Colleagues Heat it Up

Flash Review 2, 12-12: Cloudy Vision
DeGarmo's Unrealized "Eyes of the World"

Phlash Review 1, 12-11: Phlaking Out
Ezralow Meets Danco

Flash Review 2, 12-11: Different-Abled
Shannon Leans on Samaritans

Flash Review 3, 12-11: A Real Sugar Plum
Sweets from Kudelka and NBC

Flash Review, 12-8: Boom, Boom, Boom.... Sigh
De Lavallade Takes Ailey Back to the Foundations

Flash Review 2, 12-6: Repent and Rejoice
At the Church of Fierce Dancing with the Ailey

Flash Review 1, 12-5: Velveteen
ODC's Holiday Alternative for Young Audiences

Flash Review 2, 12-5: Vibrant & Disappointing Ramayana
A Spectacle with Somewhat Lackluster Performances

Flash Review 1, 12-4: Bye-bye, Zvi
Mesmerized at Offspring

Flash Review 2, 12-4: Varone's Secret Stories
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors

Flash Review 3, 12-4: The Wonderful Wizards of Oz
Read this Review Upside-Down

Flash Review 1, 12-2: Fix Ailey Jesus, Fix it
Following the Current Ailey Downstream into Narcissus's Pool

Flash Review 2, 12-2: Grappling with Tragedy
Classic Theater Dance from Mary Anthony

Flash Review 3, 12-2: Letting it Flow
Improv Festival Kicks Off at Danspace Project

Flash Review, 12-1: All Ailey All the Time
Get Your Jaded Butt Off Your aol.com and up to City Center

November 2000

Flash Review 1, 11-30: Silent Night
The Sounds of Silence from Eiko and Koma

Flash Review 2, 11-30: A Gala to Celebrate
Out of the Cold and Trouble, a Hand from Alvin

Flash Review 1, 11-29: Ticket to Torture
Sydney Dance Company: Don't Believe the Hype

Flash Review 2, 11-29: Moving Men's Stories for All
Lubovitch's Universal 'Ruins'

Flash Review 1, 11-27: Extraordinary Things
Believe it or Not at City Ballet

Flash Review 2, 11-27: Building a Better 'Nutcracker'
Lustig and Brown Give ARB's Production a Facelift

Flash Review 1, 11-22: Looking at Love
Love for Sale at City Ballet Gala

Flash Review 2, 11-22: Looking at Sex
A Warm & Wet Romp from Torosian

Flash Journal, 11-21: White Oak Diary
Past Forward to the Future

Flash Preview, 11-21: Fonteyn for Sale
Christie's Auctions a Ballerina's Legacy in Costumes

Flash Review 1, 11-20: Kinesthetic Haiku
Moschen in Motion: Valorizing Nature

Flash Review 2, 11-20: Classic Theater-Going
Big Dance Theater from Big Dance Theater

Flash Review, 11-18: Eyes Wide Open
Philip Hamilton's Moving Vocalscapes

Flash View, 11-17: An American Dance Fan in Paris
Will the Real Dance Capitol of the World Please Stand Up?

Flash Review, 11-17: A Little Something....
Putting Upper Manhattan on Dance's UMAP

Flash View, 11-16: An American Choreographer Abroad
What's a Little Misverstand Between Friends?

Flash Review, 11-14: Marcel Marceau's World
Exercising the Imagination

Flash Review 1, 11-13: The Master's Piece
Merce, Arranged

Flash Review 2, 11-13: Life-Affirming
The Quite Bearable Lightness of Being Parsons

Flash Review 3, 11-13: Time Lapse
New Wrinkles on Fuller from Sperling

Flash Review 1, 11-12: Florida Picks a Winner
It's Miami City Ballet

Flash Review 2, 11-12: Firebird Flies Again
'Seasons' Shines; Kudelka's New 'Firebird' Needs Scenic Seasoning

Flash Review 3, 11-12: Andalucian Fireballs
Symphony Space Bursts with Flamenco Song

Flash Review 1, 11-7: Out of Space...
...And Breaking the Pecking Order

Flash Review 2, 11-7: Magic Circus Ride
Cahin-Caha's Cirque Batard takes Bhagdad

Flash Review 1, 11-6: Everybody Wasn't Kung Fu Fighting
A Nice End to a Not Entirely Nice Day

Flash Review 2, 11-6: NeeDCanDream
Dance Theater that Dreams are Made of

Flash Review 3, 11-6: ABT Wrings the Juice Out
Mixed Program Displays Many Talents

Flash Review 1, 11-3: My Dinner with Billy
Prix Set with Forsythe and the Paris Opera

Flash Review 2, 11-3: The House of North
Toronto Dance Theatre Summons the North

Flash View, 11-2: Boycott the Graham Trust
Destroying Martha's Legacy

Flash Review 1, 11-2: Postures of Prayer
Cloud Gate's River of Rice

Flash Review 2, 11-2: A Canadian in New York
The Outsider Inside, or "Woza... NYC"

October 2000

Flash Review 1, 10-31: Ghost Stories
Tricks and Treats from Ping Chong & Co.

Flash Review 2, 10-31: Shaking Your Booty, with Reservations
Bahe Folklorico: Erotic, Violent -- Afro-Brazilian as We Know it

Flash Review 3, 10-31: Released from Release
Cheng and Harrington Go "Against Type"

Flash Review 1, 10-30: Isadora's Children
Lynda Gaudreau Documents Modern Dance's Journey

Flash Review 2, 10-30: Land of the Giants
Holder Tries to Hold His Own Among Balanchine, Graham

Flash Review 3, 10-30: ABT, Exposed
Matinee Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses

Flash Review 1, 10-27: Twirling & Swirling with Dave
Dorfman, Paying Tribute and Subverting

Flash Review 2, 10-27: Just Improvise!
Just De Facto, M'am

Flash Review 3, 10-27: All-women, All-tango
TangoMujer Seduces Philly

Flash Review 1, 10-25: Where's Ida Rubinstein?
Nijinsky: Mis-steps at an Exhibition
(But Still Reasons to Celebrate)

Flash Review 2, 10-25: Bowled Over
In Company with Marcel Marceau

Flash Review 1, 10-23: From Paris, Avec Feeling
Technique + Emotion = Paris Opera Ballet

Flash Review 2, 10-23: One Night Only
Koresh and Brian Sanders Rock the Crowd

Flash Review 1, 10-21: The Joy of Being Themselves
"Dance on a Shoestring" Delights

Flash Review 2, 10-21: The Big Apple
Artists Chew on New York

Flash Review 1, 10-20: Is Ballet Irrelevant?
In Nureyev's "Raymonda," Yes

Flash Review 2, 10-20: Reason to Celebrate
Battery Dance Company and its Age

Flash Review 3, 10-20: The Mind-Body Connection
Barnard Dances

Flash Review 1, 10-19: Strange Dance Attractions
Petronio's Dance Theory

Flash Review 2, 10-19: Healing
"Auto: Body": Activating Art

Flash Review 1, 10-16: Bocca Channels Fosse
Star Hot, His "Modern Ballets" Not

Flash Review 2, 10-16: Not Intimidated at the Ballet
Some Pain, Much Gain from Miami

Flash Review 3, 10-16: Between the Lines...
And in the 'Back Alley' with Harris

Flash Review 1, 10-14: Sly Dances
Headlong's Many 'Uses' for Ulysses

Flash Review 2, 10-14: Lemon Tree
Wandering in Ralph Lemon's 'Geography'

Flash Review 1, 10-13: Weightless, Bloodless, and Airtight
Mark Morris's 2-Dimensional Dancers

Flash Review 2, 10-13: Triple-Play
Limon to Baker to Byrd Uptown

Flash Review 3, 10-13: Personal Style
Li Chiao-Ping Shows Distinct Style at Danspace Project

Flash Review 1, 10-12: Less is More
Austerity Par for Childs's Course

Flash Review 2, 10-12: Flash with Class
DCDC Dances On and On

Flash View, 10-12: Existential Crisis
Is This a Community of Careers, or Ideas?

The Dance Insider Interview, 10-11:
Dame Ninette de Valois

Flash Review 1, 10-10: Capoeira Dialogue
Appropriation Versus Appreciation

Flash Review 2, 10-10: Full Frontal
Tolentino Bottoms Out; Finley Scares the Shit Out....

Flash Review 3, 10-10: Sinister Uncertainty
Pigeon-holing Monson at P.S. 122

Flash Review 1, 10-9: This is a Test of the Audience Response System
Lara and Nelson Try the Risk Reflex

Flash Review 2, 10-9: Seeds, Needs, and Royal Madness
Split Decision at DTW's Splitstream

Flash Review 3, 10-9: Mirror, Mirror
Brooklyn for Loveliness

Flash Review 1, 10-7: Fiends Choreographical
Solid & Wacky Taylor at the Kennedy Center

Flash Review 2, 10-7: Night Light
Young Vic's "Arabian Nights" Illuminates the Darkness

Flash Review 1, 10-6: 'Mergency!
Major Schools to the Rescue of Graham Students

Flash Review 2, 10-6: Hai-yah!
Cutting it Up With Yamamoto-san and Suan-li

Flash Review 3: More, More, More!
Australians Not Yet Hot Enough in "Coppelia"

Flash Dispatch, 10-5: Spectacle at City Hall
S.F. Dancers Unite but Fail to Ignite

Flash Review 1, 10-5: War on Welles
Dead Man Mocking at BAM

Flash Review 2, 10-5: "Coppelia" Clarity
PNB's Tobiason Reprises Signature Role

Flash Review 1, 10-4: Born Again
Vincent's New Frontiers for Hubbard St.

Flash Review 2, 10-4: Released
PPS Danse Fights its Way Out

Flash Dispatch, 10-2: Color My World
Intersection 2 Confab: Heaven for Artists of Color

Flash Review 1, 10-2: Brahms in the Mix
Brendel & Friends & Gorgeous Music

Flash Review 2, 10-2: Avant-Garde-Arama
Sending up the Genre at P.S. 122

September 2000

Flash Review, 9-30: Tharp Redux
Twyla Marches on, Through Her Dancers

Flash Review 1, 9-29: The British are Coming Out! The British are Coming Out!
Bintley's Brits Give a Schooling

Flash Review 2, 9-29: The British are not Yanks! The British are not Yanks!
All that (Royal!?) Jazz from Birmingham

Flash Review 3, 9-29: Letting It All Out
Walking Rumi's Spiritual Path at La MaMa

Flash Review 1, 9-27: Hip-hop is in the HOUUUUUSE
Harris and Crue Show the Dance World What Time of Day It Is

Flash Interview, 9-27: David McAllister in the House
...And Australian Ballet Becomes a Republic All Its Own

Flash Review 2, 9-27: Celebrating the Margins
"Artists in Exile" Brings Legacy & Future of Bay Dance to the Fore

Flash Review 1, 9-26: It's a Guy Thing
From Humor to Physical Daring 'In the Company of Men'

Flash Review 2, 9-26: Legendary
Georgians Storm the U.S. With Stunning Dancing

Flash Review 1, 9-25: Commitment
Wild & Witty for Spoke the Hub

Flash Review 2, 9-25: Surprise
Ratan Thiyam's Sub-continental Synthesis

Flash Review 3, 9-25: Everyday Puppets
Hurlin Finds 'Uses' for Inanimate Objects

Flash Review 1, 9-22: Forces of Nature Meet Forces of Bintley
Birmingham's "Edward II" Storms City Center in U.S. Premiere

Flash Review 2, 9-22: Emperors With No Clothes
Clarke Does HC Andersen

Flash Review 3, 9-22: Dancers Making Dances
Canadians Create

Flash Review, 9-21: Puppets Suspended, Disbelief Not
Tang Shu-wing's Millennial Madness

Flash Review 1, 9-19: Exhilaration of Youth
An Explosive "Mukishi" at the New Vic

Flash Review 2, 9-19: Deja Vu All Over Again
"Les Spectacle...": Old Recipes in The Kitchen

Flash Review 3, 9-19: Downtown Delights
Dancenow Downtown = Decidedly Delightful Dance

Flash Review 1, 9-18: "Evening Stars"
LeBlanc, Maynard, & RhythMEK Shine

Flash Review 2, 9-18: Cultural Journey
DTH's Magical Diversity Tour

Flash Review 3, 9-18: Raspberry Mousse & Black & White Chocolate
The Many Shades of Mr. B

Flash Review, 9-16: "Carmen"
Irresistible Dancers, Relentless Angst from Turano-Ford

Flash News & Interview, 9-15: Boston Taps Gielgud
"Brain Buzzing," Star International Director Hits the Tarmac Running
....And Boston Goes for the Big Time

Flash Review 1, 9-15: Urban Dance
Sex, Violence, Beauty from Dancenow Downtown

Flash Review 2, 9-15: Dance Haul
Dancenow Casts a Wide Net

Flash Review 1, 9-14: Kicking Butt with "Fist & Heel"
Wilson Opens DTW's Goodbye Season

Flash Review 2, 9-14: 'Night' Belongs to Puppets
Behind the Windows with Janie Geiser

Flash Review 1, 9-13: No NYCB, No Loss
Giving Justice to Balanchine

Flash Review 2, 9-13: DTH Takes Control
From Wham-Bam Dancing to Tense Entanglements

Flash Review 3, 9-13: Tripping the Hot Wire with Wendy Blum
Mouth-Gaping Dance Theater

Flash Review, 9-12: Phrenic
New Ballet Skews Ballet

Flash Review 1, 9-11: Sanctified
Robinson & Co. Give Mary Lou a Mass

Flash Review 2, 9-11:Dancing Yosemite
... And the Face of America, TM

Flash Review 3, 9-11: Tease-O-Rama
Flash Dances at Dancenow Downtown

Flash Review 1, 9-9: To Mr. B, with Love
DTH Breathes Life into Balanchine

Flash Review 2, 9-9: Nappy Neumann, Tibbitts Teeters
Mixed Bill, Mixed Results

Flash Review 3, 9-9: Candy Boxes and P-Power
Fun and Fantasy with Chremos and Dellecave

Flash Review 1, 9-8: The Downtown Season Opens
Dancenow: See it Now, See it Often

Flash Review 2, 9-8: She's Nobody's Puppet
Hanne Tierney's Subtle "Salome"

Flash Review 1, 9-7: Dance Theatre of America
DTH's Thrilling Thirties

Flash Review 2, 9-7: The Puppets are Back
Magic and Manipulations Drive "Psyche" Myth

Flash Journal, 9-5: Fringing, Philly Style
Stalked by Stilt-Walkers, Hit by Hip-Hop

Flash Review 2, 9-5: Choreo-history
Mixed Results from In Mixed Company

August 2000

Flash News, 8-31: TAB Taps McAllister
Dancer Named Director in Australia

Flash Review, 8-31: "Unforgettable Journeys"
Le Minh Tam's "Familiar Stories"

Flash Review 1, 8-28: Misfits for Outcasts
Dance and Theater in Small Corners

Flash Review 2, 8-28: Planning Life After Dance
Ailey on Ailey for Ailey Dancers

Flash Review 3, 8-28: Portrait of the AIDS Hero as an Artist
Hernando Cortez, Choreographer

Flash Review 1, 8-26: All Rage, No Art
20 Womyn in Search of a Dramaturg

Flash Review 2, 8-26: "A Place in Line"
Stratton-Gonzalez Earns its Place

Flash Review, 8-25: Pilgrimage in Search of a New Simplicity
From the Sublime to the Tacky at Oz Ballet

Flash Review 1, 8-23: Olympic Dances
DV8's New Dance Still in Trials

Flash Review 2, 8-23: Fire and Dry Ice
Dance is a Circus at the Ed Fringe Festival

Flash Review 3, 8-23: Fringe NYC
Wanted: X-Cheerleaders

Flash Review 1, 8-21: Power Ballet
Gentle Grace, Explosive Runs from the Trocks

Flash Review 2, 8-21: Back for Seconds
Deli Dances, Part Two

Flash Review 3, 8-21: All Killa, No Filla
Our Staff Dances the Rainbow

Flash Review 1, 8-18: Keeping Martha's Spirit Alive
Graham Dancers Without Graham Dances

Flash Review 2, 8-18: The Dancing Id
Mats Ek's "Don Juan"

Flash Review 3, 8-18: 3, 2, 1 -- Contact!
Alt-Dance Fest Contains the Temporary

Flash Review, 8-16: Alt-Dance
Espresso Improv

Flash Review, 8-11: Performance-O-Rama
Deli Dances in Times Square

Flash Review, 8-9: Dancing the Body Electric
Why Billy Elliot's Gotta Dance

Flash Review, 8-7: Heroic Banality
White Oak Polishes up Judson for Another Spin

Flash Dispatch, 8-4: In Mixed Company in Vietnam
This ain't no Hanoi Hilton

Flash Review 1, 8-4: Misha's Homily: Bored at the Church
White Oak's New, Dry Judson Tribute

Flash Review 2, 8-4: Out of Body Experience
Master Vajrachara Channels

Flash Report, 8-2: Breathless for Buffy
Ballet Tech's Miller Becomes the Music

Flash Review, 8-2: Chunky Move
Attempts at Defining a Possible Ideology of Surface

July 2000

Flash Review 1, 7-31: Swaggering Jugglers and Solemn Nuns
Nobrega Channels Brazilian Street Culture

Flash Review 2, 7-31: Flamenco at Close Range
Manolete Stalks Jackie Gleason

Flash Review, 7-27: It's Greek to Them
Monnier Misses African-French Connection

Flash Review 2, 7-27: In your Face, but in the Mood?
"Blues Suite" 2000 from the Ailey

Flash Review 1, 7-26: Where's the Dance?
Jamison Premiere: This Emperor Has No Clothes

Flash Review 2, 7-26: Eco-Art
Oil Spill Dance Doesn't Quite Stick

Flash Report, 7-25: Millennium Too
What I Did on My Vacation for the Last 100 Years

Flash Report 2, 7-25: Up the Stairway to Heaven Without a Critic
Good News and Bad News from Dance Conference

Flash Review 1, 7-24: Technique Serving Art
Yet Another Schooling from the Bolshoi

Flash Report, 7-24: Dance that Talk!
More Demo Needed at Dancing in the Millennium

Flash Review 2, 7-24: Celebrity Dance Match, II: Balanchine vs. Forsythe
Paris Opera Ballet Places Them Mano e Mano

Flash Report, 7-23: Room to Room with a View
Dancing in the Millenium: Day 2, Day 3

Flash Report 2, 7-23: Seeded Ground
Improvising in Balletjazzland

Flash Interview, 7-21: Vasiliev!
A Legendary Dancer Re-invents Himself and His Legendary Company

Flash Report, 7-21: Brain Hard-on
Blowing the Cobwebs out of Critical Fannies

Flash Review 1, 7-20: Bravo Bolshoi!
More Lessons from the Russians

Flash Review 2, 7-20: Walking Alone/Together. Video Clip!
In Company with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane

Flash Report, 7-20: Millennium, Day One
Getting Down with the Critics, & Other Action

Flash Review, 7-19: Strasvichay!
A Spirited "Giselle" from the Bolshoi

Flash Review, 7-17: Terpsichorean Tasters Menus
3 Gems in L.A.'s Lo-fat, Lo-fiber Smorgasbord

Flash Review 1, 7-15: Artistes or Artists?
Les Colporteurs: It Moves, but is it Moving?

Flash Review 2, 7-15: Collective Conscience
ROSAS & Friends Give a Schooling in Collaboration

Flash Review 1, 7-14: Drenched by Duende
Noche Flamenca Takes the Night

Flash Review 2, 7-14: Waking Dreams
Tanaka Takes Butoh to the Roof

Flash Review 1, 7-13: Child's Play -- NOT
Haim and Pilobolus Too up the Anti for Kids' Dance

Flash Review 2, 7-13: Asphalt Dance/Opera
Comfort & Co. Bring the Street into the Theater

Flash Dispatch, 7-12: Hong Kong Ramble
Smart Moves: a Weekend's Worth of Dance in Hong Kong

Flash Review, 7-12: Let Me Off the Vandekey-Bus!
Testosterone Overload Kicks off Lincoln Center Festival

Flash Review 1, 7-10: Provocations
Montpellier Danse 2000: Provocations, Onstage and "Ouf"

Flash Review 2, 7-10: Journeys
A Quest for Peace with Pollard and Ozuzu

Flash Eulogy and Review, 7-8: The Choreographer Suicides
Ranja Sircar and the Toll of Choreographic Excavations

Flash Review, 7-8: "Workwhithinwork"
Applauding and Whistling at Forsythe

Flash Review, 7-6: Eroticism and Nerve
Pilobolus Gives Good Dance, Uncensored

Flash Review, 7-5: Dance in Exile
"Remembering the Body" and Past Dances

Flash Rant, 7-5: Anna Kiss-it-off
Clueless & Careless at the N.Y. Times

Flash Review 1, 7-3: Dunn, Receiving
Douglas Dunn's Most Wanted

Flash Review 2, 7-3: Tony! Tony! Tony!
Powell Needs to Sit Down and Focus

Flash Review 3, 7-3: The Tao of Trisha
Brown's Latest Countermoves

June 2000

Flash Review, 6-29: Outsider Art
Odd Man in at Pilobolus

Flash Review 1, 6-28: Volatile Virtuosity. Video clip!
Strength Meets Grace as Pilobolus Meets Taiko

Flash Review 2, 6-28: Dendy Rocks On
Bad Boy Goes to His Room to be Cool

Flash Review 1, 6-26: The Last Dance
Soundance Closes its Doors With A Reminder of its Necessity

Flash Review 2, 6-26: Heat Without Light
Martins Marshals the Troops for Unremarkable Ballet

Flash Review 3, 6-26: Eight Up from 40 Up
40-somethings' Church Dance

Flash Review 1, 6-24: High High High High High
Getting HIGH with Slant Performance Group

Flash Review 2, 6-24: Spectacle a la Kylian
NDT's 4-Hour Magical Mystery Tour

Flash Review 3, 6-24: Anatomy 101 with Haim
An Anatomy of Intent -- and a Critique of Pure Movement

Flash Preview, 6-23: The Woman in the Red Dress. Video clip!
Roxas's Latest Triumph: The Birth of a Dance Company

Flash Review 1, 6-23: Elkins Elopes
Wholly Holy: Doug Elkins at Tisch

Flash Review 2, 6-23: 'When Nights Were Dark'
Dreaming Alone With Eiko and Koma

Flash Review, 6-22: An Ark for the People
Weiss's Menagerie Makes Kids Want to Dance

Flash Review 1, 6-21: Black Trek, Generations. Video clip!
Philadanco Stands on Big Shoulders

Flash Review 2, 6-21: A Little Hokum, a Little Magic
Mahdaviani Premieres "Appalachia Waltz" at City Ballet

Flash News, 6-21: Dance Takes 42nd Street. Video clip!
Dance Finds a New Home on 42nd Street

Flash Review 1, 6-20: Puzzled Delight
Riding the Pilger Line

Flash Review 2, 6-20: Dancing inna Chicago Style
Storefront for Dance Debuts

Flash Review, 6-19: A Weekend Following Anton
....In Kookie Goshen and Storytelling Wells

Flash Review 1, 6-17: Tantra Tarantula?
Pilobolus's Misogynist Spidey Sense

Flash Review 2, 6-17: The Sublime, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Spoke the Choreographer! (Well, One of them Anyway)

Flash Review, 6-16: It's Chemical
Frankincense and Surveillance with Troika

Flash Review 1, 6-13: Deconstructing Doris
Carlson Pays Homage to Humphrey to Open ADF

Flash Review 2, 6-13: Nureyev: Now You See Him...
This Is Nureyev! A Weekend of Dance on Film

Flash Review, 6-12: Braiding Time. Video Clip!
Carolyn Dorfman at High-Vantage Point

Flash Review 1, 6-10: Ballet Lives!
City Ballet Rocks My World

Flash Review 2, 6-10: The Bolshoi Lives
The Russians Bring 'Don Q' into the 21st Century

Flash Review 3, 6-10: Brown and Rainer Live
Stripping White Oak's Celebrity from its Integrity

Flash Review, 6-9: Lulu's Back in Town; Where's Lulu?
Looking for Lulu with Rosa Mei

Flash Review, 6-8: Music and Muse
Finally, a Glimmer in the Diamond Project from Christopher d'Amboise

Flash Review 1, 6-7: Mood Swings. Video Clip!
At Parsons, Surprises, Pleasant and Unpleasant

Flash Review 2, 6-7: The Aurul Muse
Getting the Music Connection at City Ballet

Flash Report, 6-7: Cunningham Donates Archives to Library. Photos!
"It Goes from One Misadventure to Another"

Flash Review 1, 6-5: Direct from the Heart
Keeping Up With Jones's Vision Quest

Flash Review 2, 6-5: Sophisticated Duende
Soler and Romero up the Ante

Flash Review 3, 6-5: Excessories to the Dance
Jasperse Jousts with the Body Dance

Flash Review, 6-3: Awash in Boston Dance
Beantown Crew in the House at St. Mark's

Flash Review 1, 6-2: Relationships, Shallow and Wise
When a Body Meets a Body at NYCB

Flash Review 2, 6-2: What's Black and White and Re[a]d All Over?
Video Clip!
Muller Lets Dancers Shine as Choreographers in Program B

Flash Review 3, 6-2: Making 'Contact'
Stroman's Social Dance

Flash Review, 6-1: Short 'n Sexy at the Flea
Lisa LeAnn & Terry Dean put on a (really swell) Dance Show!

May 2000

Flash Review 1, 5-31: The Return of the Bolshoi
An Amazing Ananiashvili, but the Men Steal the Show

Flash Review 2, 5-31: Whacking with Jennifer. Video Clip!
In the End, Muller Leaves Me Feeling Nothing

Flash Commentary 1, 5-30: Get With the Program
ABT and the Importance of Being Accurate

Flash Commentary 2, 5-30: All the News That's Bad We Print
The NY Times Throws a Pity Party for Dance

Flash Review 1, 5-29: A Balanchine Tour
...And a City Ballet Tour-de-force

Flash Review 2, 5-29: Deep-Dish Petri
Touring the Avant-Garde-Arama Terrain at P.S.

Flash Report, 5-27: Graham in Turmoil
Seasons Cancelled, Union Suing

Flash Review, 5-26: I Have a Dream
DTH + NYCB = A Real American Ballet Company

Flash Review, 5-25: Turn the Lights on and Dance
Darkness in Progress at The Kitchen

Flash Forum, 5-25: Corpus Displayum
A Dialogue on the Power of Sex

Flash Review 1, 5-24: Heating Up New York
Palpable Warmth at Ailey School Concert

Flash Review 2, 5-24: Burning Brazilian
DanceBrazil Makes My Thighs Burn

Flash Report, 5-23: Saving the Dance
Celebrating 60 Years of Preserving the Art

Flash Review, 5-23: A Regal Farewell
Strasberg Goes Out on Top

Flash Review, 5-22: Love, Betrayal, & Bowling
Cast Gives Hultman Premiere the 'Trophy'

Flash Review 1, 5-20: Shemad
Women Bearing Demons at P.S. 122

Flash Review 2, 5-20: The Throwback
Pearl Lang's Classic Themes

Flash Review 1, 5-19: Joyce Soho presents

Flash Review 2, 5-19: San Francisco Ballet School Student Showcase

Flash Review 3, 5-19: The 58 Group

Flash Review 1, 5-17: Adults, Dancing. Video clip!
Monte Probes, Brown Misses

Flash Review 2, 5-17: I am Not Seduced
Michael Doesn't Know Who He is, Zioe Wants to Sing like a Bird, Andrew Wants to Hold his Lover in His Arms, T. Wants to Start a Whole New Life, and I Want to Run Screaming into the Oncoming Traffic on East 71st Street

Flash Review 1, 5-16: Juilliard in Trouble
Or, Where's the Adagio at Graduation Concert?

Flash Review 2, 5-16: Looking for Mr. Black and Mr. Beige
Blankert Casts Spell on Male Hunt-and-Peck

Flash Review, 5-15: Transformation
Hunkering Down with Sean at the Church

Flash Review 1, 5-13: Discovery
At Joyce Soho, a Choreographer is Born

Flash Review 2, 5-13: Alert at the Ballet
Crackling With Debuts at the State

Flash Review 3, 5-13: Falderal Fairyland
But We Love the Divine Miss Ashley

Flash Review, 5-12: Boy in Babeland
Donohue's Righteous Dance

Flash Review 5-10, Designing Woman
New Steps from Trisha Brown

Flash Review 1, 5-9: Ghosts
Resurrecting the Joffrey in Manhattan

Flash Review 2, 5-9: The Return of Jill Johnston
Our Man in Flat Iron Sees Anthony Through Her Eyes

Flash Review 1, 5-8: Ole! Ole!
Amaya and Co. Set the Heart Ticking

Flash Review 2, 5-8: Celebrating Bartok's Roots
Muzsikas Traces Bartok in Dance and Music

Flash Review Revisited: When New Means New
The Miraculous Mandarin, RIP

Flash Review 1, 5-6: Dances for Grownups
Growing Older with Buglisi-Foreman

Flash Review 2, 5-6: Spring Celebration
Ringing in the Season with Nai-Ni Chen

Flash Review 1, 5-5: Grrrrls, Grrrls, Grrrls
"$Shot" & "Foxhole" & Female Sexual Identity

Flash Review 2, 5-5: Blending
Mixing it up with Sean Curran

Flash Review 1, 5-4: The Dancers' Burden
Carrying Tomasson's R&J at S.F. Ballet

Flash Review 2, 5-4: Tears for the Ballet
Why Peter Martins Makes Me Weep

Flash Review 3, 5-4: Celebrating Twentieth Century Dance
Misha & More at Martha at Mother

Flash Review 1, 5-3: A Dream-Upon-Awakening. Video clip!
Cracking Trisha Brown's Code

Flash Review 2, 5-3: Dreaming of Tchaikovsky
Eifman Probes His Mystery in SanFran

Flash Review 1, 5-1: So Why Don't They Clap?
Technical Excellence, Audience Apathy at NYCB

Flash Review 2, 5-1: Grrrrls Empowered
Choreographers in the Middle at Studio 5-2

April 2000

Flash Review 1, 4-29: Stuffed
New Stuff at P.S. Bats .500

Flash Review 2, 4-29: Pointless from 'eternity'
Holy Body Tattoo Fails to Leave its Mark

Flash Review 1, 4-28: Transformation
Liederbach: The Best Night of Dance I've Reviewed All Year

Flash Review 2, 4-28: Double-teamed
Dendy, Shapiro & Smith Face the Music and Dance

Flash Review 3, 4-28: Awoken by 'Beauty'
BalletMet ends big with Sleeping Beauty

Flash Review, 4-27: 'Storming Heaven'
Revolutionary Dancing With Silvers

Flash Review, 4-26: Fire
Singed by Divas at Lincoln Center

Flash Diary, 4-25: An Insider Fan's Notes
Or: A Day in the Life of the Dance Capitol of the World

Flash Review 2, 4-25: Windows Into the Humane
CIE. 2 in 1 with NYC 3 at DTW

Flash Review 1, 4-22: Me and Mr. Jones
Bill T. Struts His Psyche at the Shubert

Flash Review 2, 4-22: Uncommon 'Sense'
Submerged with Red Dive at Soto Velez

Flash Review 1, 4-21: Van Gogh Haystacks
Chouinard Takes On This Wierd Crazy World

Flash Review 2, 4-21: "The Art Bosses"
TV's Take on DTW's Fresh Tracks

Flash Review, 4-20: Over the Top
Hooked by Valeska at Joyce Soho

Flash Review, 4-19: "What's Dachau?"
Passing Over With Pilobolus

Flash Review, 4-18: Slow Down, I Move too Fast
The World's Oldest Novel at the Kaye

Flash Review 1, 4-17: Smile, Now!
"Home Made" Dances from Hubbard St.

Flash Review 2, 4-17: Reflections on the Lighting
Refracting with Zawerucha and Fritz

Flash Review, 4-16: Haunted
Ghosts & Gods from Fuchs & Gonzales

Flash Review 1, 4-15: Lucia's Legacy
Passing Makes Hawkins Season End of an Era

Flash Review 2, 4-15: Simplicity
Do Jump! Knocks at New Victory's Door

Flash Review 1, 4-14: The Charisma Factor
Partner Dancing with Neumann's Own at P.S.

Flash Review 2, 4-14: Filled With Poetry
Swanson's Dance Works For Me!

Flash Review, 4-12: Carmen, De-fanged
Folkoperan Fails to Move at BAM

Flash Review, 4-11: Words on Dance
Even Verdy Can't Quite Ignite Helgi

Flash Review 1, 4-10: Blister Me
Michelson & Muz Raise the Stakes

Flash Review 2, 4-10: Hi Everybody!
O'Connor's Grinning Biopsy of America

Flash Review 3, 4-10: How to Dance
Lessons from Soto in Chicago

Flash Review, 4-9: Ecstasy Without Words
Tracing LINES in San Francisco

Flash Review 1, 4-8: True Confessions
Letting it All Hang Out at St. Mark's

Flash Review 2, 4-8: Strength in Simplicity
Simple Fancy Dancing from the Lakota Sioux

Flash Review, 4-7: The Kitchen Sink
Heron Straddles 'Water' at P.S. 122

Flash Review, 4-5: Horsin' Around
Straight From the Dancer's Mouth

Flash Haiku, 4-4: Nohgaku-za
"The Fulling Block" at the Metropolitan Museum

Flash Review 1, 4-3: Getting Piazzolla
A New Respect for Astor at a New Dance Space

Flash Review 2, 4-3: McKenzie's "Swan Lake"
ABT's New "Swan Lake" Takes Off

Flash Review 3, 4-3: Muscle Without Weight
Neo Labos Neo-Limited at Columbia

March 2000

Flash Extra! 3-31: Dancers as Dancemakers
Discovering S.F. Ballet's Native Choreographers

Flash Review 1, 3-31: Gender Gap Noodling
Rosy-colored Sex Roles at Columbia College

Flash Review 2, 3-31: Gender Gap Noodling, Too
Sex-role Reversal at P.S. 122

Flash Review 3, 3-31: Return to Innocence, III
Finding the Child Inside the Audience at the New Victory

Flash Review, 3-29: Janis Brenner: Lover or Loser?
From rat-tat-tat to cutesie-poo at the Y

Flash Report, 3-28: Celebrity Dance Match
Misha Meets Rainer to Respond to AIDS

Flash Review, 3-27: Circus at the Joffrey
Four-ring Ballet in Chicago

Flash Restaurant Review, 3-25: Smorgasbord at The Kitchen
Dining with Atlas, Klucevsek & Company

Flash Review, 3-24: Alienation
"Metamorphosis" Fails to Move at La MaMa

Flash Review, 3-23: Pick up the Pieces
DKK's 'Happiness' Collection at the Y

Flash Review, 3-22: Good Eliot, Bad Eliot
Will the Real Feld Please Stand Up?

Flash Review 1, 3-20: Sevilla in San Francisco
Yaelisa Brings Spain to the Mission

Flash Review 2, 3-20: Live and on Tape
Live history, Canned Music from the Joffrey

Flash Review 1, 3-18: Fusion
Mixing it Up with Trinity at the New Victory

Flash Review 2, 3-18: The Nightclub of His Imagination
Butoh Painting With Kasai

Flash Review 1, 3-17: Sinister Slapstick
Rubbing Up Against Garfield at the Y

Flash Review 2, 3-17: Aflame!
Interpreting With Ms. Gillis at the Joyce

Flash Review 3-16: Return to Innocence, II
Dewy-eyed Over Dance with NCSA's Pluck Project

Flash Review 3-13: Hopeful and Morose
Kloppenberg Dance: Good News and Bad News

Flash Review 3-11: Of Sweat Patterns and Gender Chances
Merce and the Meaning of Chance

Flash Review 1, 3-10: Money for Something
'Mandinka' in Michigan

Flash Review 2, 3-10: Prisons
Incarcerated with Mabou Mines at P.S. 122

Flash Review, 3-8: Breathless for the Joyce
A Theater Where You Can SEE Dance

Flash Preview, 3-7: Race Matters
Pittsburgh Turns Ballet Indigo

Flash Review 1, 3-6: Suffering and Smiling
Seeing the Light at Symphony Space

Flash Review 2, 3-6: Celebrating Life
Ramos Dance Shows How at Cunningham

Flash Review 3, 3-6: Worshipping the Dance
At Church With Limon

Flash Review, 3-4: The Old Master
An Inside/Outside Look at Taylor

Flash Review 1, 3-3: Ride the College Dance Loop
Barnard Dances Back to the Future

Flash Review 2, 3-3: Taylor Manifesto
Damnable Aplomb at City Center

Flash Review 3, 3-3: Balloon! Balloon!
Boy-Balloon Love at the New Victory

Flash Review 1, 3-2: Art for Art's Sake
Taylor Gives a Schooling

Flash Review 2, 3-2: Merce, Dancing
Tears for Merce & More at Martha at Mother

February 2000

Flash Obituary, 2-29: The Importance of Being Ofra Haza
She Showed Me How to Dance

Flash Review 1 2-28: Squonk Shrunk
When Bigger is not Always Better

Flash Review 2, 2-28: Broadway Dance Un-shrunk
Dendy Makes Broadway Dance Bigger

Flash Review 3, 2-28: Over-40 Plentitude
No Pigeonholing Dancers Over 40

Flash Review 4, 2-28: Craving Novelty
Washington Ballet Pleasing and Soporific

Subject: Flash Review, 2-25: Symmetry Rules
Walzing in Time With City Ballet

Flash Review, 2-23: Shall We Dance WITH THE MUSIC?
Divorce, New York City Ballet Style

Flash Review 2, 2-21: Chasing Antigone
Josa-Jones Dreams the Myth in Chicago

Flash Review 1, 2-21: Unclear Vision
'Big Dance,' Murky Art at DTW

Flash Review, 2-17: Oh, Wheel of Dance
Merry-go-Colker at the Joyce

Flash Review 1, 2-15: A Smorgasbord of Sex
Investigating the Erotic at Judson

Flash Review 2, 2-15: Pas de Deux Love
Making Contact With the Stars at the NY State

Flash Review, 2-12: Grass/Bird/Rodeo
Carlson Rounds 'Em Up at P.S. 122

Flash Review 1, 2-11: But First, a Bullfight
The Eisenstein Connection: Que Viva Kirstein!

Flash Review 2, 2-11: Is Youth Wasted On the Young?
Not on Jeune Ballet!

Flash Review 3, 2-11: Juice and Jouissance
Hearts Leap Into Throats at St. Mark's

Flash Review 1, 2-10: Shared Experience
Dance and Theater Share Center Stage in "Jane Eyre" at BAM

Flash Review 2, 2-10: The Molissa Medley
Fenley Meditates on Gesture Texture

Flash Review, 2-9: Pseudo-Masochism
High Art Chasm at the Joyce

Flash Review, 2-7: Rhythmic Understanding
Nicoll and Oreck Stay Within Limits at St. Mark's

Flash Review, 2-5: Wondrously Disparate
Triple Play Concept Exciting and Confusing

Flash Review 2, 2-4: Stop That Train, I Want to Get On
A 'Triple Play' at Symphony Space

Flash Review 1, 2-4: The Incredible Shrinking Media
What if You Held a U.S. Debut and Nobody Came?

Flash Review, 2-2: The Unbearable Lightness of Lingering
Floating with Colorado Ballet at the Joyce

January 2000

Flash Review, 1-28: Munisterians
Show Not Tell With Munisteri at P.S. 122

Flash Review, 1-26 : Everybody Dance Now
Mirror Mirror With Goldhuber & Latsky at Joyce

Flash Review, 1-24: Monkeying Around
Monkeying Around Peking-style at Town Hall

Flash Review, 1-23: Tharp Does it Again!
Tharp Gives NYCB a Full to Bursting Premiere

Flash Review 3, 1-22: El Amor Greco
Greco, Velasco Bring Flamenco to Eugene

Flash Review 2, 1-22: The Art of Ballet
Schooling from the Masters at Film Fest

Flash Review, 1-22: Emotional Roller-Coaster
Costa Gets at CORE Emotions at the Bridge

Flash Review 2, 1-20: Death Go-lightly
Pearson/Widrig Look Into the "HereAfter" at the Joyce

Flash Review, 1-20: Trolling With Pinto
At The Kitchen, It's a Small World After All

Flash Review, 1-19: Stop This Train, I Want to Get Off
Chuma's Obscure Journey at the Joyce

Flash Review, 1-17: Teenagers Dancing in the Bedroom
Social Hour With Oberfelder at New Dixon Digs

Flash ALARM, 1-16: Robbins is Burning
Is Jerome Robbins's Legacy Going Up in Flames at
New York City Ballet?

Flash Review, 1-15: Ballet Noir
If You See Only One Dance Film All Year,
See "La Mort du Cygne"

Flash Review 2, 1-15: Playing with FOO
Dean Street Operates on Found Sounds at P.S. 122

Flash Review, 1-15: What Talent and
Support Can Do-ooh-ooh

Stuttgart Tour Shows what International Talent and
Local Support Can Do

Flash APAP Review P.S.
For Women, Dance is Still Perceived as Not a Job

Flash APAP Review, 1-13: Something's Happening Here
APAP Verdict: State of the Art, 2000: All Killa, No Filla

Flash Review 2, 1-12: Meet the REAL Mr. Music
Morris at the New Victory Shows it's STILL The Music

Flash Review, 1-12: Meet Mr. Music
33 Fainting Spells But No One Choreographic Choice at the Joyce

Flash Review, 1-10: In Whoville with Sarah Skaggs
Skaggs's "Paradise" Tears Down the Wall Between Performers and Audience

Flash Alert, 1-10: NPR Doesn't Heart Dance
Public Radio is no exception from the Media's Blackout on Dance

Flash Review 3, 1-8: Ripening Repetition
David Grenke Crafts High-quality Dance at Pace

Flash Review, 1-8: Seeing Balanchine, Watching Whelan
Some Thoughts on Balanchine and
Wendy Whelan's Double Smash

1-5-00: I Got the Music in Me
NYCB's Darci Kistler proves that, It's the Music, Stupid.

December, 1999

12-31-99: Out With the Old and a Tie for Richard

12-30-99: Flash Quote
12-29-99: Ballet Tech

12-19-99: Manifesto and Murray Louis
12-18-99: Peridance Ensemble
12-18-99: PS122—New Stuff
12-16-99 Alvin Ailey—Change
12-13-99: Millenial Arts—Messiah
12-13-99 David Gordon
12-11-99: Alvin Ailey—Fever Swamp

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