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Flash Reviews are instant impressions of performances, posted the day after the show. The Dance Insider is the only online or print source for overnight reviews. Why wait? Read about last night's performance today. To find out more about our Flashers, click here. (Note: Flashes of Saturday performances are posted Monday morning because, hey, even Flash Reviewers and webmistresses need to sleep in on Sunday.)

December 2001

Flash Review 1, 12-21: In the Extremes, Somewhat Punishing
A Gambol with Forsythe, from the Pure to the Extreme, the Simple to the Boring

Flash Review 2, 12-21: Sad Clowns
Nadj & Mercy: Miniatures from Momentous Men

Flash Review 3, 12-21: Seriously Damaged Goods
Meg Stuart's "Alibi" for Trauma Drama

Flash Review 1, 12-18: Extraordinary Things
A Chest'NUT' Gets a Fresh Reading from the Joffrey

Flash Review 2, 12-18: Three Times a Charm
Third Rail Kicks it at the Cunningham

Flash Review, 12-14: Possessed by the Muse
Nothing Mechanical About Varone & Dancers

Flash Review, 12-12: Preljocaj's 'Rite'
The Hazards of Art by Commission

Flash Review 1, 12-11: The Eighth Deadly Sin
Paris Opera's Homage to Kochno Fails Balanchine

Flash Review 2, 12-11: Improv on the Edge
Fervor at Movement Research Finale

Flash Review 3, 12-11: From the Gooey to the Sublime
Mantero Reaches Olympian Heights in Improv Program

Flash Review 1, 12-7: Alpha Female Asylum
Vandekeybus and the Squirm Factor

Flash Review 2, 12-7: With Tankard in the Senior Circuit
Making 'Merry' with NDT III

Flash Review 3: Confused? Pass the Pomegranates
In House's House with the Odyssey

Flash Review 1, 12-4: Rocking in the Bosom of Ailey
Modern Dance's Hit Company Creates a Frenzy

Flash Review 2, 12-4: I'll Take the Underworld
At Paris Opera Ballet, Moussin's Nikiya Melts Everyone but Her Partner

Flash Review 3, 12-4: "Onegin" Joins the Royal
Newest Stars Shine in Cranko Classic

Flash Review 1, 12-3: Improv Club
At the Theater with Movement Research

Flash Review 2, 12-3: Remember Their Names
Remember Project 2001: Life at its Three-Ring Best

Flash Review 3, 12-3: But "Seriously"
Tanztheater from Luc Dunberry

November 2001

Flash Review 1, 11-30: Finding the Body
In Search of Foreign Parts with Lynda Gaudreau

Flash Review 2, 11-30: The Banality of Pop
...But New Oller, Energetic Dancers Make Ballet Hispanico

Flash Review, 11-29: Miraculous
Learning to Swim with Grace Ellen Barkey

Flash Review 1, 11-27: Murray Louis Returns
New Choreography (From an Ancient Legend):

Flash Media-Watch, 11-27: Report Card
The Incredible Shrinking World of Dance Publications
--And How to Make it Grow Again

Flash Review 2, 11-27: Bring on the Nut!
City Ballet's "Nutcracker" Sets a Brisk Pace

Flash Review 1, 11-21: Dreaming of Danzon...and John Shaft
Shut Your Mouth! And Enter the Wondrous World of Daniel Larrieu

Flash Review 2, 11-21: Don't Believe the (Body) Hype
Hip Hop DanceFest: Where's the Hip Hop?

Flash Review 3, 11-21: Christmas in Berlin
MS Schrittmacher Delivers Ho-Ho-Hos, Aus Einer Wurzel Zart
(And the Cookies and Spiced Wine Aren't Bad Either)

Flash Review 1, 11-20: Tacky Wedding
Limon & Louis Hitched in Vegas

Flash Review 2, 11-20: Market Merce!
A Parisian Paradigm for Popularizing Dance

Flash Review 3, 11-20: Verging on Banal, Almost Vacuous:
Douglas Dunn's intelligent Gym

Flash View, 11-16: There Used to Be a Dance Company Here
Murray Louis and Alwin Nikolais Dance, RIP

Flash Review 1, 11-16: "Theirs is the Kingdom...."
The Limon Dance Company, Layer Upon Layer

Flash Review 2, 11-16: On the "Verge"
Getting Interpersonal with Miller

Flash Review 1, 11-14: Limon, Generations
Back to the Future at 55

Flash Review 1, 11-13: Palpable Acuity
Forti Fills the Danspace

Flash Review 2, 11-13: Back Seat for Balanchine at NBC
Oh, Canada! "Mozartiana" Eclipsed by MacMillan and Kudelka

Flash Review 1, 11-9: Scaling
Traversing Inner & Outer Landscapes with Wood & Race

Flash Review 2, 11-9: Music & Muscles
More Flexing from Fagan & Dancers

Flash Reflections, 11-9: Forti-tude
The Importance of Being Simone Forti

Flash Review 1, 11-7: Bausch & Long
"Masurca Fogo": Trouble in High Heels, with a Capitol P

Flash Review 2, 11-7: "Corroboree" (version 4.0)
Bangarra: Variations on a Tour

Flash Review 3, 11-3: Crisp's Kink
Stuck in Traffic on the Road to Nowhere

Flash Review 1, 11-6: Not "Just Around Town" at the Duke
Globe-Trotting with Donohue and Hoffbauer

Flash Review 2, 11-6: "Mummy, I've Seen this Dance One Time and I Still Don't Know Where the Dance is"
With Orlin's "F...(Untitled)", the Devil's in the Details

Flash Review 3, 11-6: Gender-Blinded
Only One Chromosone for Les Ballets Jazz Choreographers: Xcellence

Flash Review 1, 11-2: In the Nut House with Giselle
How Mats Ek Solved the "Giselle" Problem

Flash Review 2, 11-2: Trading in Brocade for Wicker
In the Attic with ABT

Flash Review 1, 11-1: The Choreography's the Thing
Needcompany Director Smears "Lear," but Sagna Saves the Play

Flash Review 2, 11-1: Cirque, Unplugged
Eloize in California

Flash Review 3, 11-1: A Lone Ensemble
Vincent Sekwati Mantsoe Expands The Place

October 2001

Flash Review 1, 10-31: Concerto in Spirit
Fagan and Dancers Whirl into the Joyce

Flash Review 2, 10-31: Cyber Dance in the Church
Random Dance at Danspace, UKinNY

Flash Review 3, 10-31: The 'Tracks' of My Fears
Scary "Tricks & Tracks" from Hungary

Flash Review 1, 10-30: Life in the Dark
Stillness and Rush from Akram Khan

Flash Review 2, 10-30: "Dim Lustre" Redux
New Luster for Tudor Classic from ABT

Flash Dispatch, 10-30: Le Grand Labo
Finding the New -- and Old -- at FIND

Flash Review 1, 10-25: This Ain't Your Tanztheater
The American House Party Elkins Lives in

Flash Review 2, 10-25: Up Close and Grand
ABT Celebrates Art and Life

Flash Review 3, 10-25: In the Beginning, Totally Elevated
This Ain't no SAB:
P.A.R.T.S. Students Break it Down with Forsythe and Gaudreau

Flash Review 1, 10-24: De Keersmaeker's Lovely Mess
Lamine Thiam Sounds Off On "Drumming"

Flash Review 2, 10-24: Conjunction 'Dysfunction'
Gotta Know the Lingo (Dance Theater)

Flash Review 1, 10-23: Faster, Dancemaker! Thrill! Thrill!
Wynn's Collection Gathers No Moss

Flash Review 2, 10-23: Decadent Display
Fireworks from Re-born Lubovitch Troupe

Flash Review 3, 10-23: They are the Champions
Parsons Dancers Bring their Verve to Works New and Old

Flash News from the Front, 10-17: The Recovery
Dance and Funding Communities Brace for Cutbacks

Flash Review 1, 10-17: Blurring the LINES
Alonzo King, Meet "The People of the Forest"

Flash Review 2, 10-17: Oh, those Cubans!
With Feeling, Ballet Nacional de Cuba Takes California

Flash View, 10-16: Exchange Sans Exchange
Lerman's Lockstep Healing: Disempowered at the Power Center

Flash Review 1, 10-16: Burn Baby Burn
Tracing the Tracers of Hurricane Latsky

Flash Review 2, 10-16: Lofty Aspirations
Suzanne Farrell: Muse in Search of an Angel

Flash Dispatch, 10-12: Sintra -- A Waking Dream
A Dance Festival Blooms Amongst the Castles, and A Dance Scene Emerges in Portugal

Flash Review 1, 10-12: "Rain"drops from the Reine of Reich
De Keersmaeker's Latest a Reason to Pray for "Rain"

Flash Review 2, 10-12: Weak Dance Critic, Some Questions
Pop PARTS Quiz from Burrows & Ritsema

Flash Review 1, 10-10: Spectacle
For Petit and Paris Opera Ballet, the Charm of 'Notre Dame' is all in the Details

Flash Review 2, 10-10: Birdbrain
Throwing Eggs at Ballet, Again

Flash Review 3, 10-10: Unclear Except in the Concept
Salisbury's Unrealized 'War'

Flash Review 1, 10-9: "V" is for...New Mark Morris!
Following the Arc of the Dance

Flash Review 2, 10-9: Process Servers from P.A.R.T.S.
Renz & Zuckerman: Boy Meets Girl in the World Series of Love

Flash Review 3, 10-9: O Quebec!
Navas/Haman Translates; O Vertigo Shoots the Moon

Flash News, 10-8: Paris Opera Cancels Weekend Performances
Action Follows Strike Threat by Major Union, Opera Says

Flash Defense, 10-5: We are the World
"The United States: What Price Imperialism?"

Flash Review 1, 10-5: Soap Ballet
Bourne Again "Carmen"

Flash Review 2, 10-5: More than Horseplay
DTH Dances for Our Lives

Flash Review 1, 10-3: Judson Redux
De Keersmaeker Goes Post Post-Modern at 20

Flash Review 2, 10-3: New Illusions
Dunoyer and the Art of Silence

Flash Interview, 10-3: The Morris Files
But Second, a School

Flash Review 1, 10-2: An Early Winter's Night
Laurence Lemieux/Coleman & Lemieux: What's Your Story?

Flash Review 2, 10-2: Notes from an Exhibition
Pondering Porte

Flash Review 3, 10-2: Dancing Angels on Earth
...And Sphinxes and Firebirds too, from DTH

September 2001

Flash Review 1, 9-29: Eyes Wide Shut
Philly Fringe '01: Journette to the Center of Hef's Universe; Chaiken and Pig Iron Play 'Shut Eye'

Flash Review 2, 9-29: Take Me Down to FunkyBalletAfrican Town
DTH Tours the World in 'Apollo' Program

Flash Review 3, 9-29: Get Down, Get Down
"Don't Fake the Funk" Keeps it Real

Flash Review 1, 9-26: Of These, Hope
Phat Joy from Dance Theatre of Harlem

Flash Report, 9-26: Of These, Perseverence
'Bessies' Best Urge us on

Flash Review 2, 9-24: Letting 'Pasion' Get the Best of You
Seeing Tango in a New Light with "Tango Pasion"

Flash Review 1, 9-24: Mood Swinging with ABT
NYC Dancers Continue to Lift the Spirit

Flash Review 2, 9-24: Pink in the Green, Art in the Gray
Motives Golden, Dance Not in Pink Carolina

Flash Review 3, 9-24: Parsons and Company Dancers Rock...
But the Kids are Not All Right in Premiere

Flash Review 1, 9-21: The Sum of P.A.R.T.S.
De Keersmaeker (and Charges) Storm the Bastllle

Flash Review 2, 9-21: Snapshots of Shunkin
Big Dance Theater Dreams Big with Latest

Flash Letter, 9-15: Surviving
Life for a 'Luxury Item' after 9-11-01

Flash Open Letter, 9-18: Bessie at the Barricades
An Open Letter from David White

September 11, 2001: The View from Brooklyn (Photos)
Photos by Julie Lemberger

Flash Review, 9-17: ABT to the Rescue
Stiefel Hoists the Flag, McKenzie Leads a 30-Hour Bus Trip to San Diego, and Taylor Reminds of the American Spirit as AMERICAN Ballet Theatre Holds up a Beacon of Light for the Nation After its Second Black Tuesday.

Flash Dispatch, 9-15: Report from Ground Zero
New York City, Friday, September 14, 2001

Flash Review from the Front, 9-14: A Gift from Spain
Tavora's "Carmen" and the Power of Art

Flash Dispatch, 9-14: Frontline, New York City
"We Had Just Witnessed a Mass Murder of Horrific Proportions"

Flash Extra, 9-12: "We are All Americans"
Edited and with commentary by Paul Ben-Itzak
The Dance Insider

Flash Extra, 9-11: An Answer to Hate
By Paul Ben-Itzak
The Dance Insider

Flash Review 1, 9-10: Flow
Surprises and Fusions from high-tech Troika

Flash Review 2, 9-10: Hit Me
Camut Beat Launches New Victory Season with a Hit

Flash Review 3, 9-10: Personal Statements
Dance Now Talent Showcase

Flash Review 1, 9-7: Spring to Fall
Dance Now Wows in Opening

Flash Review 2, 9-7: Trance Dance
Blanca Li Meets Gnawa

Flash Report, 9-4: What I Did This Summer
Branchin' Out at Dance Theater Camp 2001

August 2001

Flash Fringe Journal #3, 8-30: Of Broken Floors and Blended Genres
"Break the Floor"'s Tap Stumbles; As We Go Flows

Flash Review 1, 8-28: Back from the Dead
From the Killing Fields to the Joyce with the Spirit of Cambodia

Flash Fringe Review, 8-28: Shiney & Soulless
Shua No Shuah Thing

Flash Review 3, 8-28: Dance for 21 and Over
Fancy Stitches Pretty in Pink

Flash Dispatch, 8-27: You Can Build it, But What if they Don't Come?
Searching for Einstein on a P.S. 122 Field Trip to Copenhagen

Flash Fringe Journal, 8-24:From the Sublime to the 'Sucky'
Pulling the Canadian Flag Out of Uncle Sam's Panties, and Other Tricks and Tours de Force at fFida

Flash Fringe Space Review, 8-24: Dance Base
They All Scream for Scotlands New National Dance Center

Flash Fringe Journal, 8-21: Truffle Hunting
"Tarnish" Rocks, "Lone Ant" Ditties

Flash Fringe Journal 2, 8-21: Ugly is as Ugly Does
In Edinburgh, Miller Gets Good 'n' 'Ugly,' and Cirque Surreal Dreams High

Flash Fringe Journal 3, 8-21: Falling
Freefall Falls Flat

Flash Review 1, 8-17: Confessions in the Dark
ERS Loses its Religion

Flash Review 2, 8-17:Star Watch
Shining Through the Cat Piss at Galapagos

Flash Dispatch, 8-16: La Mama-Mia
The Village is Bazzano Superiore

Flash Review 1, 8-16: Putting the Dance in Folk Dance
Janavak: Not What I Thought

Flash News, 8-14: The Graham Ruling
Video Clip Included
Reasons and Reactions

Flash Analysis, 8-14: Martha is Dead; Long Live Martha
Judge's Ruling Returns Martha to the Dancers

Flash Review 1, 8-3: Air Apparent
Running Away with the Aerial Dance Festival

Flash Review 1, 8-2: Pigs Fly
Philly's Silk Purse

Flash Review 2, 8-2: As Tears go Rolling by
Forsythe Jerks us in All Directions

Flash Report, 8-2: A Balmy Night in London-town
In the Piazza with the Birds and Royal Ballet's 'Swan,' by Relay

July 2001

Flash Analysis, 7-31: Students Wow as ADF Closes
Festival Accelerates (But The Destination Remains A Mystery)

Flash Review 1, 7-31: Shining Stars
Stars Brighten Up DanceGalaxy's Universe

Flash Review 2, 7-31: Walking on "Sunbyrne"
CandoCo Walks -- and Flies -- with Elkins

Flash View, 7-27: Tarred and Feathered
At the Grey Lady, Yellow Journalism Rules as the Times Hits Spisto Hard

Flash Preview, 7-27: Journey to Another Galaxy
DanceGalaxy Directors Recognize Notating as a Star

Flash News & Opinion, 7-26: Spisto Ousted from ABT
Old Guard, Biased Press Prevail

Flash Review 1, 7-26: Bach, Bewigged but Not Bewitching
Duato Drops Rare Goose Egg on Lincoln Center

Flash Review 2, 7-26: Baganova Triumphs When Pigs Fly
International Choreographer's Work is Season's Strongest at ADF

Flash Review 1, 7-24: Ambiguous "Mercy" is No Mercy at All
Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton's useless beauty at ADF

Flash Review 2, 7-24: Another Giselle Holds Her Own
And Guillem's Choreography Offers Gifts for Purists and Revisionists Alike

Flash Review 3, 7-24: Limited Limbs
"What Limbs May Come" Limited to Circus

Flash Review 1, 7-21: A Ballerina REALLY Makes 'Giselle' Her Own
Guillem's New Version Worth a Look, but Don't Toss the Original Just Yet

Flash Review 2, 7-21: Con Queso, Energy, and Drama
Dance Theater, Straight and with Chase(r)

Flash Review 2, 7-21: The Heart & Soul of Hip-Hop
Rennie Harris's New 'Illadelph Legends'

Flash Review 1, 7-20: Dizygotic Deluxe
Pilobolus Too Takes the Front Seat

Flash Report, 7-20: Keeping it Real
Hines and Glover Bring it on for Tap

Flash Review 2, 7-20: Dark Shadows
From La Scala, the Stark and the Just Dark

Flash Dispatch, 7-16: Amsterdam Alphabet
The New Dances of Julidans

Flash Review 1, 7-16: Two for Posterity
The Enduring Dances of Mark Haim, Risa Steinberg, and the Ancestors

Flash Review 2, 7-16: Cunningham's Way
The Many Stations of Merce

Flash Review 1, 7-13: Dance Trek, Next Generation
ADF Charts the "Emerging Generation"

Flash Review 2, 7-13: Mann's Feast
Soul-Feasting with Shelton Mann

Flash Review 2, 7-12: Two Puddles, a Mountain, and a Hole
Bill Irwin's Texts for Nothing

Flash Review Journal, 7-12: Far Out and Free
Flash Field Trips in the UK Yield Wonders Great and Small

Flash Dispatch, 7-11: An American Dance Fan in France
In Montpellier, it's Back to the Future

Flash Review 1, 7-11: Running Away to the Cirque
The Angels of Cirque Plume Descend on NYC

Flash Review 2, 7-11: Dreaming in Midsummer
Whelan Ascends to Farrell Territory; SOS to Corps: This is not a Rehearsal

Flash Dispatch, 7-7: Genius Treaty
Danse a la Montpellier: Monnier Meets the Royal Swedes; Avant-Garde on the Outskirts: Burundi in Provence

Flash Review Journal, 7-6: The Soul Returns to Hip-Hop
Jonzi D at NYC's Hip-Hop Theater Festival

Flash Review 2, 7-6: Lure of the Midway
Pinto Plays the Voyeur

Flash Review 1, 7-5: Looking for Evidence of the Light
"Walking Out the Dark" with Ron K. Brown

Flash Review 2, 7-5: Pilobolus New
The Cool, the Tricky, the Sublime

Flash Review 3, 7-5: Shadows of a Dream
Caught Between Dreams & Reality with Shen Wei

Flash Review, 7-3: Grappling with Grace
Pilobolus Meets the Klezmatics at the Joyce

Flash Review Journal 1, 7-3: Swans on the Brain
Principals, Soloists, and Corps -- ABT Captures the Magic

Flash Review Journal 2, 7-3: The Poetry of The Swan
A Prince Finds His Life, and Stiefel Reveals a Swan's Poetic Line

June 2001

Flash History, 6-28: Secret Origins
The Dance Insider: A Manifesto

Flash Review Journal, 6-26: Flying High Now
Philadelphia's Freedoms: Fusion, Collaboration, & More: 8 Reasons why Philly Works

Flash Review Journal, 6-21: Requiem in a Dream
In Australia, the Premieres of Autumn

Flash Dispatch, 6-19: Crash Immersion in Bali
Of White Monkey Gods and Burning Coconuts

Flash Review Journal, 6-13: Authentic Movement
AXIS & Kasai do it with Commitment and Feeling

Flash Review 1, 6-13: Shut Up and Dance
Let Your Dance do the Talking, Ms. Marshall

Flash Review 2, 6-13: The Joy of Logic
Curran & Co. Storm the Joyce

Flash Review 1, 6-12: Chew on This
Chowing Down with Chef Haim & Co.

Flash Review 2, 6-12: ADF Takes Shape
Fagan's New Work Good Omen for New Season

Flash Review 3, 6-12: Sit Down and Eat; No Exit
Dance and Drama at the Church

Flash Review 1, 6-8: Powerful Monte Diluted by Brown
Behind Every Great Woman, There's a Man Itching for the Spotlight

Flash Review 2, 6-8: Onegin Reduced
Bloodless Graffin Turns a Masterpiece into a Farce

Flash Review 3, 6-8: Pulverized by Pulvermacher
Meaty Work & Dancing from Neta Dance

Flash Review, 6-6: Onegin Arrives
In Sensational Debut, Picone Proves that it's the Dancing

Flash Review 1, 6-5: ABT Scales "Onegin"
...But Cranko Still Doesn't Get Pushkin

Flash Review 2, 6-5: Busting Borders
Butcher Blends the Forms Smoothly

Flash Review 3, 6-5: Avant-Garde-Arama
Crying Uncle for Jimmy at P.S. 122

Flash Review 1, 6-1: Past Forward
Graham School Celebrates 75th, and a Dance Company is Re-born

Flash Review 2, 6-1: Commitment
Imago Falls Just Short in "I Dos"

Flash Review 3, 6-1: Texas Rangers
Spirited Dancing, Mixed Program from Fort Worth Dallas

May 2001

Flash Review, 5-30: Inconsistency at NYCB
Swains from the Shoddy to the Sublime, and a Soloist Stops and Starts

Flash Review 1, 5-29: Tap Extravaganza
Collapsing Pianos, Legendary Tappers, Dha Fuzion, Jackie Chan, Jeni LeGon, Savion Glover, Jimmy Slyde, and a Black Boa

Flash Review 2, 5-29: Less is More
Too Much of the Same from Garrett

Flash Review 1, 5-25: Will the Real ABT Please Stand Up?
A Flawless Rodeo, a Flawed 'Shades,' and a Tale of Two Pipers

Flash Review 2, 5-25: A Sleepwalker to Wake You Up
NYCB's 'Sonnambula' the Stuff of Dreams -- and Nightmares

Flash Review 1, 5-23: Brother's Blues
Listing Towards the Gist of Middle Age with John Kelly and David Del Tredici

Flash Review 2, 5-23: Gender Dancing
What do Sex, Booze and Catholicism Have in Common?

Flash Review Journal, 5-22: More than Dancing Feet
From Ancient Deities to Urban Super Heroes on 42nd Street

Flash Analysis, 5-22: Giselle 2001
A Dance Odyssey, ABT-style

Flash Review Journal 2, 5-22: Joyce SoHo Presents
Two Programs Demonstrate Intimate Angst

Flash Review, 5-19: Parsons's 'Piper' Packs a Peck of Pirouettes
....But Even the Rats Can Only Watch So Much Spinning

Flash Review Journal, 5-18: Dreaming
Both Graney and Mei Leave Imprints

Flash Review, 5-18: Ghost in the Machine
Producers Stumble, but Hightower's Grace Triumphs

Flash View, 5-18: Dance Magazine's New Loyalty Oath
...And One Writer's Response

Flash Review 1, 5-15: Choreography that Communicates
Stronach Dances Through the Fourth Wall

Flash Review 2, 5-15: Poof Goes the Wheeldon
A Week at NYCB: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Flash Review 3, 5-15: When We Were '12'
Tanjuaquio + Chin's Simple Arithmetic

Flash Review 1, 5-14: Just Another Night on Earth
Bill T. Walks, but Doesn't Move

Flash Review 2, 5-14: From St. Pete, with Love
Eifman's Life-affirming Epic Extravaganza

Flash Review 3, 5-14: Look What's Under the Couch!
Haworth and Loulaki Present: Post-Modern Dance!

Flash Review 1, 5-10: Table the Chairs!
Preljocaj Brings it Home on Paris Opera Ballet...Again et Again

Flash Review 2, 5-10: Spirit Dance
Christa, Reid & Co. Honor the Spirits

Flash Review 3, 5-10: Energetic and Purposeful....
....But Where is Ron Brown's Art?

Flash Review 1, 5-9: The Ballerina Plays the Fool
Kowroski Gets Her Goof On

Flash Journal, 5-9: In Frisco with the French
Babilee Nearly Steals the Show from Paris Opera Ballet

Flash Review 2, 5-9: Post Delivers
Special Parcels of Characters on View at New Vic

Flash Review 1, 5-4: NYCB Springs Back
Sparkling Start to City Ballet Season

Flash Review 2, 5-4: The Many Colors of the Tri-Color
Azanie Represents for Rainbow France and Rainbow Dance

Flash Review 1, 5-3: The Future is Now
France Rocks! Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu Rocks! BAM Rocks! Joe Melillo Rocks! Hell, Even I Rock!

Flash Review 2, 5-3: Now That's Entertainment!!!
Blanca Li Will "Zap! Zap! Zap!" You!

Flash Review 3, 5-3; Those Dancing Feet
"42nd Street" Back on You Know Where

Flash Review 1, 5-2: The horror! The horror!
Preljocaj Goes Eurotrash

Flash Review 2, 5-2: Fresh Breezes at the Ballet
ABT Feels the Modern Winds of Change

Flash Review 3, 5-2: My Man Pinkerton
NBC's van der Wyst Takes Toronto

Flash Review, 5-1: Democracy is Coming...to the ABT
Cornejo, Taylor, & Corps Storm the Citadel

April 2001

Flash Review 1, 4-27: The Voyeur
Menage a Trois a la Maguy Marin

Flash Review 2, 4-27: "New Sex"
A Basic Cabaret from Hollis & Co.

Flash Review 3, 4-27: "Where's My Pumpkin?"
Searching the Past with Ariane Anthony

Flash Review, 4-26: When You Comin' Back, Billy Batson?
Superduped by "Shazam!" at BAM

Flash Preview, 4-26: "Pour ainsi dire"
Choreographer's Notes

Flash Review 1, 4-25: Watching "The Watchers"
Nadj & Co.: Dance Theater Worth Watching

Flash Review 2, 4-25: Queer Faerie Circus
Heron's "Tender'" Heart

Flash Review 3, 4-25: Nada from Naked Means Nada
Charmatz at The Kitchen: Where's NYPD Blue When You Need Them?

Flash News and Analysis, 4-24: Purchase Agreement to the World
Errand Into the Graham Legal Maze

Flash Review 1, 4-24: He Flew Through the Air, with the Greatest of Ease
S.F. Ballet & Fans Pay Tribute to Christopher Stowell

Flash Review 2, 4-24: "Somethin' Else"
Too Soon to Tell: Fuchs and Isabelle

Flash Review 1, 4-20: Pilfered by Graham
"The Thief" Steals Our Attention

Flash Review 2, 4-20: Just Chatting
Gumbo a la Rousseve

Flash News & Analysis, 4-18: Smoking Guns & Low Blows
At Graham Trial, Truth is Outing

Flash News, 4-17: One Last Reconnaissance Mission for Hodes
Graham Star Dancer Sets Stage for Star Witness
Bring on the CPA

Flash Review 1, 4-16: The Evidence is in:
ODC Strong at 30

Flash Review 2, 4-16: "Transported"
Ballard's Banal Holocaust Dance

Flash Review, 4-13: Nesting House
At Home with Toronto Dance Theatre

Flash Poll, 4-11: You've Come a Long Way, Baby
... but You Still Have a Long Way to Go

Flash Review, 4-11: "Little Joan": Big Work
Taking the Trans-Siberian Puppet-Dancer Express at La MaMa

Flash Review 1, 4-9: Somewhat Elevated
Flying Low with Kreiter & Crew

Flash Review 2, 4-9: Defying Gravity
Peking Acrobats are Their Own Special Effects

Flash Review 3, 4-9: I Can See Clearly Now
Merce's Fresh RainForest

Flash Review, 4-5: Change Direction
New Tricks from an Old Master

Flash Review, 4-4: Revelation
Merce Cunningham and the Secret of Dance

Flash Dispatch, 4-4: Ramblin' 'Round Seattle
If a Dancer Rises and Falls on the Boards, and No Critic's Around to Hear it, Does She Still Make a Noise?

Flash Review 2, 4-4: Merrily We Roll Over History
ABT's 'Widow' Merry, but She Doesn't Bite

Flash View, 4-3: Retro Racism
Bamboozled at Ballet Tech?

Flash Review 1, 4-3: 'Big Dicks' and the Big Picture
SLANT's Wide-angle Lens

Flash Review 2, 4-3: New History
Hassabi, McCloud, Alenikoff at Judson

Flash Review, 4-1: Merce's Trance Dance
Events that Bear Attending to

March 2001

Flash Review 2, 3-30: Honest, Twisted Burlesque
Muz Muses on Molls and Dolls

Flash Review 2, 3-30: Back to the Future
NYC's New Joffrey (Ensemble) Company

Flash Review 1, 3-29: Ole! in Orlando
Granados Puts Pizzazz in "Carmen"

Flash Review 2, 3-29: Retro Rogers
What's Happened to the Revolution?

Flash News & Analysis, 3-27: Martha Lives!
Testifies at Graham Trial, in Body of Ron Protas
Didn't Much Care for Her Company, School, or Center

Flash Review 1, 3-27: LINES
Enlightened by Alonzo in Jersey

Flash Review 2, 3-27: DD Deconstructionist
...And her Human Future Dance Corps

Flash Review 1, 3-26: Humans Dancing
Morris Springs Eternal in "L'Allegro"

Flash Review 2, 3-26: Introducing...Introdans!
Psycho Killers & Other Thrills at the New Vic

Flash Review 3, 3-26: "Frankie's Wedding"
Uncommonly Straight Dance-Theater from Lansner

Flash News & Analysis, 3-24: Who Owns Martha Graham?
Protas Gets His Close Up, and Dancers Get Their Day in Court

Flash Review 1, 3-23: Watch and Learn
Steinberg's Dance Treasury

Flash Review 2, 3-23: In Gear
Chuma's Exultant Choreographic Logic

Flash Review, 3-22: Bright Eyes, Big City
Pluck, Play by Play: Of These, Hope

Flash Review 1, 3-20: Faster Pussycat! Thrill! Thrill!
Moving with Brian Brooks & Co.

Flash Review 2, 3-20: Project Y
Living the Lux Life with Angela Guerreiro

Flash Review 1, 3-19: Gonna Fly Now
Condors Versus the Galaxy

Flash Review 2, 3-19: Overwhelmed to Tears
Lava's Grrl Power a Rave

Flash Review 3, 3-19: Morris Note for Note
Pecidillos at the Office as Mosaic and United Dance a Grand Duo of a Honeymoon

Flash Review, 3-16: Shakin' Bacon
Breaking Beyond Circus Tricks

Flash Dispatch, 3-16: A Modicum of Inspiration
At College Festival, Choreography by Assignment

Flash Dispatch 2, 3-16: Midwest Dancemaking
Searching for the Highest Common Denominator in Minneapolis and Chicago

Flash Overview, 3-15: Rite Of [False] Spring, Part 1
(A Backward Look at Paul Taylor's 2001 New York Season)

Flash Review 2, 3-15: Cured by Rosen/Bernstein
Do Not Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter this "Triage"

Flash Review 3, 3-15: Nothing from Morris Means Something
"World" Powerful, "Saints" Not So Potent

Flash Review 1, 3-14: California Dreamy
West Coast Swinging from ODC

Lucifer Humming at the Back Door
Moses Takes Frisco Dance Beyond the Usual Valid Subject Matter

Flash Media Watch, 3-14: All the News that's Fit to Spit
The Incredibly Shrinking Minds of Dance Critics

Flash Dispatch, 3-9: Dancing Vietnam
From the Traditional to the Experimental, a Highly Subjective Guide to Dance and Dance Funding

Flash View, 3-8: This Year's Space Odyssey
You've Been Dot.commed. What Now?

Flash Review 1, 3-8: Style-Busting Daddy
Seamless Swimming with Munisteri & Crew

Flash Review 2, 3-8: Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!
New Choreographers on Track

Flash Review 1, 3-6: Making it Concert-worthy
Thunderbirds Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Flash Review 2, 3-6: Taking the Elevator to Florida
Vasquez's Promising Project

Flash Review 1, 3-5: Prodigal's Progress
New Work from Villella at the Gleason

Flash Review 2, 3-5: Building Ballet
New Points from New Choreographers on Pointe

Flash Review 1, 3-2: Hay Hay Hay
...Goes "Boom Boom Boom" at Danspace Project

Flash Review 2, 3-2: Less is Less
Predictable New Morris, Rote 'Prodigal' and 'Raymonda' at S.F. Ballet

Flash Review 3, 3-2: Oy! Vertigo
Run, Don't Walk, Away from this Show


February 2001

Flash View, 2-28: Gielgud Talks Back
Departing Incoming Boston Director Denies Role in Dancer Releases

Flash Review 1, 2-28: Prowess in Premiere
Guangdong Debuts in NYC

Flash Review 2, 2-28: Engaged but not Seduced
Diving for Swans in Canada

Flash Review 1, 2-27: Can Love Grow from Death?
Harlem Answers: Betcha By Golly Wow!

Flash Preview, 2-27: Chinese Modern
Blazing the Modern Trail with Guangdong

Flash Review 2, 2-27: Glacial Ballet
Calm & Collected in Australia

Flash Review 1, 2-26: Man or Mechanimal?
Neumann's Own & More at Symphony Space

Flash Review 2, 2-26: "I Want My NDT"
Rioting for Nederlands in Berkeley

Flash Review 1, 2-23: Coming Out in the Cold
Creach/Company: Worth Braving the Blizzard

Flash Review 2, 2-23: In the Still of the Night
Coming in from the Cynical Cold with Brookoff & Co.

Flash Review 3, 2-23: Integrating 'High' & 'Folk' Art
Darrah Carr's Irish-Modern Experiment

Flash Review, 2-22: Tharp's New Deuce Troupe
They Just Don't Make 'em Like They Used to

Flash Dispatch, 2-19: Diary of a Residency, 2
Opening Night

Flash Review 1, 2-19: Mr. B Winces
At NYCB, 16 Ways to Interpret One Beat

Flash Review 2, 2-19: Balanchine's Democracy
Caviar & Champagne, Ice Cream & Cotton Candy

Flash Dispatch, 2-16: Cultural Comprehensive
Searching for Heritage in Hoi An

Flash Review 1, 2-16: Sterile Fascination
Mark Jarecke's "Auto.Publik"

Flash Review 2, 2-16: Butoh Manifesto
Akaji Maro's Temputenshiki Mission

Flash Interview, 2-15: Talking at Right Angles
A Conversation with Dairakudakan's Akaji Maro

Flash Review, 2-15: Dreaming with Solitude
NBC Program Mixes Humor and Angst

Flash Review 1, 2-13: "White is for Virgins"
Racy Ad Campaign Draws in Younger Crowd at S.F. Ballet for Edgy "Black Cake"

Flash Review 2, 2-13: "Jill in Brazil"
Trowing Orchids with Pulvermacher

Flash Review 3, 2-13: Medium Maximum
Young Company Lacks Maximum Impact

Flash Review 1, 2-12: Beyond "Stomp!"
Spirit-chasing with Tamango

Flash Review 2, 2-12: Job or Joie?
Is New York City Ballet Showing up for Work, or Love?

Flash Review 1, 2-9: "Up Your Ass"
Solanas at P.S. 122: No Factory Retread

Flash Review 2, 2-9: TalkTalkTalk
And DanceDanceDance at The Kitchen

Flash Review 3, 2-9: Patterson's Repatterning
Sliding Suggestions at Danspace Project

Flash Dispatch, 2-8: Tet Comprehensive
In Mixed Company in Saigon

Flash Review 1, 2-8: Show Job
Mixed Results 'Below Zero' with Epifano & Co.

Bravura and Boredom at the Ballet
Vertiginous Coasting on the Coast with S.F. Ballet

Flash Review 1, 2-6: TV Dinner + Talking Dance
A Night at The Kitchen = a Full Plate

Flash Review 2, 2-6: Pasta and Pretension
Dzul Dance, with a Side of Cream

Flash Review 3, 2-6: 'Bacon' Phat
Goldhuber Tackles Weighty Issues

Flash Dispatch, 2-5: Diary of a Residency
Faucets, Tubing, Pipes, a 13-year-old Rookie Drummer and a 75-year-old Grandmother

Flash Review 1, 2-5: Orbiting Pina's World
....And Waltzing With the Astronauts

Flash Review 2, 2-5: Ballet Bouquet
At NYCB, Dance and Music, Pure and Simple

Friday Film Focus 1, 2-2: The Wizard of Brussels
From Stage to Celluloid and Kansas to Oz with de Keersmaeker

Friday Film Focus 2, 2-2: Dance Film Takes Direction
All-access at Dance on Camera

Flash Review 1, 2-1: Noble Humility
Buglisi/Foreman: Against the Ironic Grain

January 2001

Flash Review 1, 1-31: Euphoria at the Ballet
New York City Ballet Unbound

Flash Haiku x 2, 1-31: Momixed Blessings
Performed at the Joyce Theater by Craig Berman, Jane'l Caropolo, Kori Darling, Brian Sanders, Brian Simerson, Cynthia Quinn, Kara Oculato, Michael Holdsworth, Nicole Loizides, and Pi Keohavong. Works created by the above and Moses Pendleton, Erin Elliott, Tim Acito, Solveig Olsen, Lisa Giobbi, Dianne Howarth, Ezra Caldwell, Lorin Campolattaro, Claire Kaplan, Suzanne Lampl, Yasmine Lee, and Ballet Arizona. Directed by Pendleton.

Flash Review 3, 1-31: Downtown Ballet? A Categorical Quest
Gleich Charts the Territory

Flash Review 1, 1-29: Food for Thought
What it's Like to be Human

Flash Review 2, 1-29: I Got the Music All Over Me
Mixed Musical Marathon at NYCB

Flash Review 3, 1-29: NYCB Inferno
Scorched at the Ballet

Debuts and Debauches
All in a Night's Work at City Ballet

Flash Review 1, 1-25: Same Old Story
Diamonds and Duds from NDT III

Flash Review 2, 1-25: Feelin' Groovy with Irene
Black Tie Optional, Good Vibes Required

Flash Review 3, 1-25: Oh, Lost Ending
Imago's Multi-Media Tapestry Lacks a Thread

Flash Review 1, 1-24: "Juggling Styles"
DeAngelo's Variety Show

Flash Review 2, 1-24: ARMITAGE, BE GONE!
Back to the Future at the Joyce?
(For Gary Parks)

Flash Review 3, 1-24: Back to Diapers with Damian
ABC's with Feld at NYCB

Flash Review 1, 1-23: Scoring "Aeros"
Technical Difficulty: 8.9; Artistic Merit: 5.1; Execution: 9.2

Flash Review 2, 1-23: Saved by Dance
Seeing the Light at City Ballet

Flash Review 3, 1-23: Move's Martha: Bitch or Queen?
Move Moves Martha@ Uptown

Flash Review 1, 1-22: Happy Together
Duato & Co. Throw Bach a Birthday Party

Flash Review 2, 1-22: Happy Apart
Durning & Yu: A Tree Plus a Tree is Naught

Flash Review 3, 1-22: Soles and Soul
Lost and Found in Cuba

Flash Document, 1-18: Who Owns Martha Graham™ ?
Last Will and Testament

Flash Review, 1-18: Altered, Sculpted, but Theatre?
Falling into Cardona's K Hole

Flash Review, 1-17: Horror and Humor
Jasperse's Rube Goldberg Contraptions

Flash News, 1-16: (Funded) Dance Preview, 2001
NEA Announcement a Window on New Dance

Flash News, 1-15: Protas Sues
Graham Heir Takes Center and School to Court

Flash Review 1, 1-15: Quinn's Got the Music in Her
New Music Director Gets the Spirit into City Ballet

Flash Review 2, 1-15: "Poor Reality"
ChameckiLerner Hard to Hold

Flash Review, 1-12: Do Not Disturb
Dendy Plays it 'Cool'

Flash Review 2, 1-12: Flak Attack
The Shame of Desire

Flash Report, 1-9: It's All Good
More Surprises at Arts Presenters, Day Three

Flash Review, 1-9: Buddha's Creation
Putting the Funk Back in the Myth

Flash Report, 1-8: Presenters Prepare and Propose
Arts Presenters, Day Two

Flash Review 1, 1-8: Gordon's Pure Dance
No Cynicism or Pedestrian Movement Here

Flash Review 2, 1-8: Screen Test
Cathy Weis's Slam-Dunk

Flash Report 1, 1-7: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!
Arts Presenters, Day One

Flash Report 2, 1-7: LeClercq Laid to Rest
Ballet World Bids a Ballerina Adieu

Flash Review 1, 1-6: Grenke's New Art Form
"Savage/Love" 's Blissful Mix

Flash Review 2, 1-6: Existentialism a la Gus Giordano
Diavolo's Mixed Bag of Thrills

Flash News, 1-5: But First, a School
Hodes Flies One More Mission for Martha

Flash Review 1, 1-5: Jackson's Action
Patterns and Poses of Space

Flash Review 2, 1-5: Wheeldoning and Dealing
Extending the Balanchine Legacy

Flash Review 1, 1-4: Seasons of Love
Looking for Love at City Ballet

Flash Ballet Review Reprint, 1-4: Out There: Wendy Whelan
A Visit from Outer Space

Flash Review 1, 1-3: S.F. Ballet's Snow Job
Even Zahorian's Daring Snow Queen Can't Save this Cracked 'Nut'

Flash Review 2, 1-3: Courage at the Kitchen
Dance in Progress

Flash Review 3, 1-3: Nutcrackers Galore
New York: It's Still a Helluva 'Nutcracker' Town

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