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Flash Reviews are instant impressions of performances, posted the day after the show. The Dance Insider is the only online or print source for overnight reviews. Why wait? Read about last night's performance today. To find out more about our Flashers, click here. (Note: Flashes of Saturday performances are posted Monday morning because, hey, even Flash Reviewers and webmistresses need to sleep in on Sunday.)


December 2002

Flash Review Journal, 12-31: Sketches of Spain
Baras Behind Bars

By Paul Ben-Itzak

Flash Review 2, 12-31: Don't Think, Dance
Maneca Takes Positions

By Chris Dohse

Flash View, 12-19: Fear and Loathing in New York
Mrs. Grundy Rears Her Head at the Times
By Paul Ben-Itzak

Flash Review, 12-19: New Revelations
Ailey Shows Muscle in Premieres

By Susan Yung

Flash Review 1, 12-18: Shut up and Dance
White Tie, Tails, and Too Much Talk from Tune

By Nancy Dalva

Flash Review 2, 12-18: Crew Dance
Magical 'Boheme' Transforms Techies into Movers
By Susan Yung

Flash Review 1, 12-12: Blah Blah Blah
Will Power Outage at Improv Fest/NY

By Anne Zuerner

Flash Review 2, 12-12: Twice as Nice
Barton & Breyer, 'Mais We'!

By Darrah Carr

Flash Review Journal, 12-10: Cave-dwellers; Winter was Hard
Varone Mines Kentucky; Brown Winters with Schubert

By Susan Yung

Flash Review 2, 12-10: Circus Acts
Notwithstanding Sticking Plates, New Shanghai Astonishes

By Gus Solomons jr

Flash Review 3, 12-10: "Mercy"
Monk and Hamilton Find the Way

By Peggy Cheng

Flash Review 1, 12-5: Remembering
Tim Miller and the Boys in the Chorus

By Chris Dohse

Flash Review Journal, 12-5: 1+1 = Hip; Union of 3
Night Club Rituals at The Place; Positive Migration Message from Mantsoe, Tavaziva, and Elkins on Union Dance

By Josephine Leask

Flash Review Dispatch, 12-5: Searching for Avant-Garde Ooze in Boulder
In New Works Museum Program, it's the Toilet Water, and a Lot More

By Taryn Packheiser

Flash Review 1, 12-4: With Post-Mod Irony on Her Side
De Keersmaeker's Cynical New Solo to Baez

By Paul Ben-Itzak

Flash Review 2, 12-4: Swan's Fresh Feathers
A New Classic and a New Star are Born at the Australian Ballet

By Suzanne Davidson

Flash Dispatch, 12-4: Sublunary Spaces
Nesting at FNAK in Baden-Wurttemberg

By Julia Ritter

Flash Review 1, 12-3: Preserved and Revised
Back to the Future with Limon Dance Company and an Edited "Psalm"
By Aimee Ts’ao

Flash Review 2, 12-3: Reasons to Believe
Regal Kistler, Sturdy Soto, Precise Somogyi Lead "Nutcracker" Return at City Ballet

By Susan Yung

Flash Review Journal, 12-3: Never Alone
Playing the Body Solitaire with Cesc Galabert and the Vienna State Opera Ballet

By Tara Zahra


November 2002

Flash Review Journal, 11-27: Why that's a Queer Thing
Ducking Pink Balloons Under the Radar with Brian Brooks and Cathy Weis

Flash Review 2, 11-27: Giving the Finger to the Audience
Fabre Flashes, and Three Countries Fund it

Review 3, 11-27: Chicago Currents
What's New in Dance in the Windy City

Flash Review Journal, 11-25: Duende
Dancing from the Sole and Soil in Montpellier and Antwerp

Flash Review 2, 11-25: "Dressed For Floating"
Dorvillier and Corps at Play

Flash Review 3, 11-25: "Dancer's Night Out"
From the Self-congratulatory to the Abandoned with Westwater, Siegal, and Bartosik

Flash Review 1, 11-21: Few More Things
Barkey Finds a New Answer to Turandot's Riddle

Flash Review 2, 11-21: Beautiful Dreamers
Ooh-La-La and Oh-La-La at the Opera from Kylian and Lock

Flash Review 3, 11-21: "Mother" Wit
Hedewig's Savvy Sad Clown

Flash Review 1, 11-19: All Access
Garth Fagan's Balancing Act

Flash Review 2, 11-19: Participation Metaphor
Schussing the Korper with Sasha Waltz

Flash News, 11-18: Only the Good Die Young
National Ballet of Canada, "Movin' Out" Star Marrie Killed in Crash with Taxi

Flash Review 1, 11-14: Ich Bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe Eingestellt
Falling with Scott Rink

Flash Review 2, 11-14: A Room for Fairy Tales
Company in Space Beguiles

Flash Review 1, 11-13: Bon Anniversaire
As Babilee Watches, Cinematheque de la Danse Celebrates 20th with 50 Treasures of Dance on Film

Flash Review 2, 11-13: Back to the Bay
Brilliant Dancing Transcends Bizarre Bolshoi 'Swan'

Flash Review 3, 11-13: Anniversary Butoh
Thanksgiving in the Butoh Bin with Dairakudakan

Flash Review 1, 11-12: Fruit Loops for Diaghilev
Fromage to Les Ballets Russes from Biarritz

Flash Review 2, 11-12: Spirit Centers the Bones
Stories from Harrington, Hayes, and Morris

Flash Response, 11-12: DTW has no Bias
A Letter from David White

Flash Review Journal, 11-7: Where Have You Been, Where are You Going?
Home by the Sea with Carolyn Carlson; Wading into the Water with Carlotta Sagna

Flash Review 2, 11-77: Argentinean Krapp
Grupo Krapp's Song for Latin America

Flash Review 3, 11-7: Splitstream, Mixed Styles
Loulaki, Hassabi Invent; Casel Crafts

Flash Review Journal, 11-6: Slow Down
Mighty Ambition, Mixed Results from ABT: Even in the Land of the Stars, Rehearsal Time Matters

Flash Review 2, 11-6: Amerika, through a Dance Palely
Rhoden Tells U.S. What Time of Day it is: Six O'Clock

Flash Review 3, 11-6: The Untamed
A 'Shrew' for Barzel

Flash Review 1, 11-5: Rolphing Boredom
Dean Moss's Strange Kinetic Poem

Flash Rant & Response, 11-5: Credibility
Does DTW Have a Gap? Does The Dance Insider?

Flash Review 2, 11-5: Mapping
Castro Charts the Seasons, Site-Specifically

October 2002

Flash Review 1, 10-31: "Room Tone"
ERS Dims the Lights and Turns the Screw

Flash Review 2, 10-31: Experimagiment
Holmes and Keithley, Together Again for the First Time

Flash Review 3, 10-31: Smorgasbord
Lining Up for Food for Thought

Flash Review 1, 10-30: Buddy Flick
Creach/Company All/Male

Flash Review 2, 10-30: Hearing Lost
Robbe-ing the Audience of its Senses

Flash Review 3, 10-30: Brazilian Movement
Corpo Incorporates the Music

Flash Dispatch, 10-28: Birthday Butoh
Still Dancing the Dance of Wild Grass, Ohno Turns 96

Flash Review Journal, 10-28: All About Love; Rats!; Grandparent Dance
Preljocaj Probes Love in "Casanova"; Maryinsky Mauls Heritage in new "Nutcracker"; Unyul Talchum Purifies the House inna Korean Stylee

Flash Review 2, 10-28: Broadway Beat
Tharpizing Billy Joel; Modernizing 'Flower Drum'

Flash News & Analysis, 10-24: Graham Moves
New Artistic Directors, New Money, and Season Repertoire Announced

Flash Review 1, 10-24: "Putain!"
Layiing an Egg at The Kitchen, LeRoy Gives the Bird to NYC

Flash Review 2, 10-24: Hip Pop
Full Circle Boogies Down with "Soular Power'd"

Flash Review 1, 10-21: Bringing Petrouchka Home
Zakharova Shines, Accuracy Suffers in Maryinsky (Kirov) Nijinsky-Fokine Program

Flash Review 2, 10-21: By George! by ABT
Four Choreographers Bring Sweet Harrison to City Center

Flash Review 3, 10-21: Nelson's Array
Spontaneity Sighted; Editing Needed

Flash Review 1, 10-17: Reflections with a Twist
Living in the Glam with Petronio & Co

Flash Review 2, 10-17: A 'Swan' to Swoon for
Ek & Cullberg Unify Odette & Odile

Flash Review 1, 10-15: Mime Time
Mizuto-Abura Busts to Move in its U.S. Debut

Flash Review 2, 10-15: Homecoming
Brown Walks DTW Out of the Dark

Flash Review 3, 10-15: Granted Space
Bitterle Plays Games; King Fakes it

Flash Review 1, 10-10: "Small Hands" for Girls
De Keersmaeker and Loemij Just Wanna Have Fun

Flash Review Journal, 10-10: All-Access in Baghdad (by the Bay)
Axis of Cirque-Danse; AXIS of Choreography; Axis of Morris-Ashton; Axis of Hula Hip-Hop; Accessing the Past

Flash Review 2, 10-10: Luminations
Gonzalez & Ott Describe the Light

Flash Review 1, 10-8: Wats Happening Now
Gibney Brings Time and Humanity Together

Flash Review 2, 10-8: Dancers or (Showroom) Dummies?
D.A.C.M. Probles the Difference Between Plastic and Tissue

Flash Review 3, 10-8: Making "Whoopee"
Salisbury Spins Stories of the Dark

Flash Review Journal, 10-3: Return of the Ballerina
Guerin Illumines Ballet; Forsythe Asphyxiates it; Autumn Festival Exalts Korea

Flash Review, 10-3: Leave Juvenalia at Home
A Diluted Slant Rant on Cultural Tourism

Flash Review 1, 10-1: Remove Head Before Jumping in Armchair
Non Sequiturs for the Artistically Obstructed from Thierree

Flash Review 2, 10-1: "Ripped"
Donohue & Co. Open P.S. Dance Season with a Wallop of Wasabi

Flash Review 3, 10-1: Marshall Goes Public in NYC
Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the (Taylor/Parsons) Tree

September 2002

Flash Review, 9-26: 'Paradise' Found
Vintage Kelly on a Classic Film


Flash Review 1, 9-23: Traction
Bishton's Got Legs

Flash Review 2, 9-23: Infectious
Untainted Love for Dance from Gentile & Freespace

Flash Views, 9-19: Public Domain
Eilber, Capucilli, Dakin and Hodes on Free Graham

Flash Review 1, 9-19: Keep it!
Cortez & Company on 9/11, Yeats, and More

Flash Review 2, 9-19: No Rest for the Audience
Shadow Puppets, No-bodies, and More at the Laokoon Fest

Flash View, 9-17: Blessed by the Press
The Annual Dance Insider Best of the NYC (and one European) Publicists List

Flash Review 1, 9-12: Satanic Merce's
Cunningham & 'Biped' Cohorts Drop New 'Canvas'

Flash Review 2, 9-12: Hurry! Hurry!
Zirkus Artists and New Space Will Shock and Amaze!
Waiting for Every Last Drop at 38 nine
(Must be over 18 to read this Flash Review)

Flash Review 3, 9-12: Kinetic 'Kaleidoscope'
With a Little Help from Some (Graham) Friends, Dankmeyer Emerges

Chevalier de la Barre, 9-10: Not About 9/11 Column
Explaining the Unexplainable

Flash Review, 9-10: Happy Hour and Blue
Getting Wet with Clare Byrne

Chevalier de la Barre, 9-4: Dumb & Dumber; Smart
Protas Lawyer Puts Slipper in Mouth; Just Some of the Facts at the Times; Ulrich Exits Chronicle; Kickoff Booted from Dance Magazine; Morris Gets his Vigor Back with Faith; Caspersen Does Deneuve; Dakin Floats with Graham; Zimmer Processes and Produces

Flash Dispatch, 9-4: Symphonies by the Sintra Sea
A "Giselle" from Portugal; Beethoven from Leipzig & Uwe Scholz

Flash Review, 9-4: Event for No Rain Delay
Baptized by Merce & Co., Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's 'Evening Stars' Rises

August 2002

Chevalier de la Barre, 8-30: Bring Billy Home; Saving Martha
How NYC Can Step Inside the 21st Century with Forsythe;
Mason Gives Props to Preston and Remembers Graham

Flash Review, 8-30: Unpacking the Taboos of Touch
Touchdown Dance's 'Tact'ful Approach

Flash Report, 8-30: Dancers Responding to Life and Death
DRA Kicks off the Fall Season

A Letter from William Forsythe

Flash Analysis, 8-27: Deaths and Entrances
Graham, Resuscitated Again

Flash Review, 8-27: Funk Bird
Cat Dragons & More from Dha Fuzion


Vignette, 8-23: Walkaround Time
Basic Steps in Mark Morris's "L'Allegro"

Chevalier de la Barre, 8-23: Treble in Paradis
Guillem's Cher Parents; Berman Returns; Avila Meets Casperson; Sagna Joins the Mee Generation

Flash Review 3, 8-15: Fffffffffffffffida
Fringing it from Tango to Moby

Flash Review 1, 8-20: Redux and Renewed
Les Ballets and More from the Trocks

Flash Review 2, 8-20: Summertime, and the Living is Fringy
Globe-Trotting in Lower Manhattan

Flash View, 8-20: Vichy Redux
Dance/USA Tries to Sell Tobias Down the River

Flash Letter, 8-15: Welcome to the Dance World, Ms. Miller
DTW Will Promote a Boycott of New York Magazine

Flash Review, 8-15: Butoh's Last Song
Out with an Elongated Bang In Frisco

Flash Review 1, 8-13: Miracles
Avila, like the Phoenix, Rises (With a Little Help from King and a Few Other Friends)

Flash Review 2, 8-13: Instances of Climax
Merce, in Rare Film & Video and in a New 'Event'

Flash Review Special: Dance Esteem, Part II
It's the Dance, Stupid

Dance in an 'Altogether Different' (Secondary) Light; Dance Wins in Brown's new "It's a Draw"; Less is More as Monk Sings the Body Electric

Flash Review Special, 8-6: Dance Esteem, Part 1
'Whence do we Come? What are We? Where are We Going?'*
Kylian's "Stamping Ground"; Lila Gnaoua; Jennifer Lacey/Nadia Lauro; "Fase: The Film"

Flash Response, 8-6: Tobias Tossed
More Calls to Action, and Responses

Flash News, 8-2: TOBIAS TOSSED
New York Magazine Nixes Dance Reviews

Flash Excerpts, 8-2: Tobi Tobias on Dance
From the Sublime to the Subpar, Capturing the Dance

Flash View, 8-2: Act Up
Steps for Saving Dance Criticism -- and Dance -- in New York

July 2002

Flash Review, 7-31: How to Pass, Kick, Fall, Run, and Celebrate
Merce at 50

Chevalier de la Barre, 7-26: Courage
At AGMA, a Move to Woo Dancers Back; at ABT, Bold Programming: Of these, Hope

Flash Review 1, 7-26: The Theater of Silence
From Hong Kong, and the Genies of the Mime Troupe, "15 Strings of Cash"

Flash Review 1, 7-23: Flash! Bam! Boom!
Rubber Band Dance: More Bounce to the Ounce

Flash Review 2, 7-23: Petersburg on the Hudson
With "Jewels," Kirov/Maryinsky Brings Balanchine Home

Flash Review 1, 7-18: Russians Give New York a Schooling
Grand Ballet as its Meant to be from the Kirov

Flash Review 2, 7-17: A Midsummer Night's Solos
Dancing with the Bats (and Neighbors) in Montmartre

Chevalier de la Barre, 7-16
Suicide of a Dancer; Boston Disses Flamenco; Nai-Ni Honored in China; Bastille Day with the Chevalier

Flash Review 1, 7-16: It's the Dance, Stupid
Kirov Delivers its "Swan" Drama in the Choreography -- and its Thrilling Execution

Flash Review 2, 7-16: Bludgeoned with Intimacy
Marcotty Mines Simplicity with Risky Tactics

Flash View, 7-12: Free to Dance
An American Tragedy, an Iranian Tragedy, and Why Dancing is a Right, but Presenting a Dance is a Privilege

Flash View, 7-10: Give it Up, Mr. Protas
Appeals Court Ruling Affirms Protas is his Own Worse Enemy

Flash Review 1, 7-10: RunningitoutLyndon
Pilobolus Dancers Strike Perfect Balance on Unbalanced Program; Mirra Bank's View to a Pil

Flash Review 2, 7-10: She Feels 'Pretty'
Action Heroines from Monica Bill Barnes

June 2002

Flash Review 1, 6-27: The Demon's in the Details
Old Routines, No Lessons in Pilobolus Program B

Flash Review 2, 6-27: Murder at the Ballet Competition
Bejart's 'Concours' a Course in Dance Theater from the Paris Opera Ballet

Flash View, 6-25: Kirov in NYC: Not for the Masses
Why American Kids Can't Afford to Work for the Ballet

Flash Review 1, 6-25: Star-Studded Swashbuckler
Rip-Roaring ABT 'Corsaire' from Acosta & Crew

Flash Review 2, 6-25: Playing and Played Out
Non sequiturs no Misnomer for Elam

Flash Profile, 6-21: Stuart Hodes
Pillar of the Graham School

Flash Review, 6-21: Not The Same Old Song And Dance
Byrd's "Seven Deadly Sins" & More at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Flash Review 1, 6-20: Transcendence Through Spectacle
Sure Bolshoi Corps Saves Meandering Grigorovich 'Swan'

Flash Review 2, 6-20: Merrily Empty
A Widow's Feast from ABT

Flash Review 3, 6-20: Out of Space
She Saw it All on Mulberry Street

Flash Review 1, 6-19: "Loose Lips," Tight Hips
Neumann Hits His Target at the Whitney

Flash Review 2, 6-19: Dream Analysis
Dreams Elude Heavy-Handed Kinetic Dance Theater

Flash Review 1, 6-14: Reveal and Refresh
Brookoff Revisits and Revives the Ballet

Flash Review 2, 6-14: Dancers, Unchoreographed; Singers, Dancing
Coquempot AWOL at the Pompidou; Monnier on the Walls at the Pompidou; Montand Sings the Body Electric

Flash Review 1, 6-12: All the Sad Young Choreographers
Food for Thought: Posing Pain, Transcending Loss

Flash Review 2, 6-12: Inspiration, Perspiration, and Leadership
ADF Celebrates 25 with Promethean New Dances from Taylor and Pilobolus

Flash Review 1, 6-10: All Bubble-Wrapped Up and No Where to Go
Baryshnikov Lowers the Barre

Flash Review Journal, 6-10: Mostly Modern Dances, Up & Downtown
City Ballet Revives a Real Diamond; Sampling Dance at Symphony Space

Flash Review 3, 6-10: Balanching Act
Noche Flamenca Fuses Power with Grace to Mine Duende

Chevalier de la Barre, 6-7: Rants, Raves, Scoops, & More
Hook on Women Choreographing; Beware the Audition-Workshop; Week-end Picks; and all the Pilobolus and Momix News Fit to Print

Flash Review 1, 6-7: The Jung and the Restless
Swanson & Crew Take it from the Birds to the 'Pointless'

Flash Review 2, 6-7: Dances for Restless Natives
In Company Debut, McCloud's Smile Speaks Volumes

Flash Review 1, 6-5: A Dance In Search of an Editor
Is De Keersmaeker's PARTS School not Serving its Students?

Flash Review 2, 6-5: New from the Newbies
SAB Does Woetzel Does Copland

Flash Review Journal, 6-5: Hen; Hens' Teeth
From Filles to Hermans: 200 years in Ballet, One Weekend at Lincoln Center

May 2002

For Forsythe, a Vertiginous Chill from Town's Somewhat Elevated Officials

Flash Review, 5-31: Passing the Torch
Graham, the Next Generation

Chevalier de la Barre, 5-31
Nekkid at the Joyce; Cortez to Cleveland; Dancing for Bono & O'Neill; Vice-Versa Reversa; Out at ABT; In at TAB; Michelson & Misha; Dancer-Writers; 'Inceste' at Montpellier; Nekkid with NYC's Wild Child

Chevalier de le Barre, 5-28
Almond Roca; Graham Dancers Choreographing; Digerati Disco; Streb Action; Grunge Art Paris; Duende Times Two

Flash Review 1, 5-28: All Ravel, All Disappointing
Strong Dancing Can't Lift Weak Choreography from Lyon Opera Ballet

Flash Review 2, 5-28: Men Dancing
'Dream' Roles for ABT Guys

Flash Review 1, 5-24: "Talk to Her"
Bausch Meets Almodovar in New Film

Flash Review 2, 5-24: Balanchine's House of Love
City Ballet Gushes in New Baynes

Flash Review & Analysis 5-24: ACDF Growing Pains
Allocated Space and Time Tapped Out, College Fest Must Find Way Out of Box

Flash Review 1, 5-23: Modern Masters Millennium Mistake
No Theater for Duncan, Weidman, Limon: Kennedy Center, Dance/USA Say Go play in the Foyer
In a Number of Cases, Not the Dances as Their Creators had Hoped We'd Ever See Them

Flash Review 2, 5-23: Our Lady of the Rosas
Paris Fetes De Keersmaeker & Co. at 20

Flash Review 3, 5-23: Without Words
From the Performative to the Vulnerable, Tere O'Connor Finds the Gestures that Speak Volumes

Flash Review 1, 5-21: No Sacrifice
Paris Opera Ballet gets Down to Earth for Bausch's "Sacre du Printemps"
(When Will New York Ballet Companies Stop Pretending Mats Ek, Maguy Marin, and Pina Bausch Never Happened?)

Flash Review 2, 5-21: Kudelka Lives up to the Bargain
NBC Director's New "Contract" Closes Company's 50th with a Bang not a Toot

Flash Review 3, 5-21: Webslingers! Aliens!
....Just Another Night at City Ballet

Flash Review and Interview, 5-17: Adieu, Ballerina
Berman Bows in San Francisco

Flash Review Journal, 5-17: As the Dance World Turns
Two Week-ends in Gotham: 3D Graham in Midtown; DTH Disappoints in Harlem; Fuchs out-Forsythe's Forsythe in the Lower East Side; Swan Song for Helene of Lincoln Center; ERS Turns the Dance-Theater Screw in the East Village

Flash Review 1, 5-16: Gala Fervor
Acosta Wows, Corella Goes for Gasps, and Murphy Goes for Grigorovich in ABT Preview of Things to Come

Flash Reviews 2, 5-16: Kafig Times Two
Two Reviews, in Chicago and New York, of "Dix Versions"

Flash Response, 5-16: Graham Party Pooper
Times Bites Martha on Birthday

Flash Review 1, 5-10: Indisputably Martha
Graham Company Rises From the Embattled Garden

Flash News, 5-10: Back to the Future
Dancers, Audience Take Back Martha

Flash Review 2, 5-10: Glittering and Charcoal
Diamonds, Shiny and in the Rough, in NYCB Gala

Flash Preview, 5-9: Beyond Dispute
The Real Owners of Martha Graham Take the Stage

Flash Review 1, 5-9: Mayhem
Martha Clarke is in the Haus

Flash Review 2, 5-9: Filling the Senses
Philadanco Thrills New York

Flash Opinion, 5-7: The Graham Case
If Protas Wins, Martha Will Die a Second Death

Flash Review 1, 5-7: Of Perilous Pirouettes and Safe Dances
From the Mundane to the Glorious at City Ballet

Flash Review 2, 5-7: Structures
Clark and Dang at Danspace Project

Flash Review 1, 5-3: Magic
Marin Casts Another Spell in "Cendrillon"

Flash Perspective, 5-3: East & West Meet & Mix, or Maybe Not
Yo-Yo Ma, Mark Morris and the Silk Road Project / Alonzo King and Miya Masaoka / Silk Road Ensemble

Flash Review 2, 5-3: Flag-Wrapping
Carlson Doodles Yankee

Flash Review 1, 5-1: Naharin's Retro-virus
Batsheva Director's Mind-Body Gap

Flash Review 2, 5-1: Thoroughly Modern Except for the Chinese Stereotypes
Sensational New "Millie" Bows on the Great White Way

Flash Review 3, 5-1: Stereotypes of Stereotypes
The Gaps in Alpert's "Images of Women"

April 2002

Flash Responses, 4-29: DI Graham Coverage
Hodes, Swinston, and Helpern Respond

Flash News, 4-29: Joffrey Ballet of Chicago Reduces Debt
Joffrey's Debt to Dancers Still Lingers

Flash Review 1, 4-29: The Emperor's New Butoh
Ruth St. Denis, Meet Akira Kasai

Flash News and Analysis, 4-26: Errand into the Legal Maze
If Protas is Defeated, Would Dancers Win the Battle but Lose the War?

Flash Review 1, 4-26: Refocusing
Inger Makes 'Home' with Cullberg

Flash Review 2, 4-26: "Damned"
New Blessings from Possokhov

Flash News & Analysis, 4-25: Protas Takes the Stand
Center: Protas "physically aggressive" with Graham

Flash Dispatch, 4-25: Southern Exposure
Pearl-Diving in Vietnam

Flash Review, 4-25: Childs World
Immaculate Conceptions at the Kitchen

Flash News & Analysis, 4-23: Who Owns Martha Graham, Chapter Two
Judge Tells Courtroom: "I don't know what assets mean with respect to a dance company. The major assets are the dancers."

Flash Review 1, 4-23: Ole!
National Ballet of Spain is Back with Andres

Flash Review 2, 4-23: We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Post-Guerrilla Girl Wizardry from Gagne & Crew

Flash Review 1, 4-18: Joffrey's Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up
"Astarte" Returns After 26 Years

Flash Review 2, 4-18: Tilting, Gloriously
Nureyev/Petipa's Don Q Gets a Face Lift, but it's Still got the Power

Flash Review 3: Eifman! Eifman! Eifman!
In NYC with Ballet's Puppetmaster

Flash Review 1, 4-16: Forward!
Stepping into the Pod with Daggers and Dunlap

Flash Review 2, 4-16: Only for Viola Should White Unitards be Worn
Pam Tanowitz Shapes the Moment

Flash Flashback, 4-11-02: Between the Darkness and the Light
Dendy Conjures Graham, Nijinsky, and His Own Demons

Flash Review, 4-11: Men and Women
Wilson Surveys the Genders

Flash Response, 4-10: The ADF Controversy
Charles's Bottom Line: Is it or is it not Good Work?

Flash Review 1, 4-9: (but if a look should) Confuse me
De Keersmaeker's Spin on Stravinsky

Flash Review 2, 4-9: Let Them eat Chocolate Pistachio Mousse
Gallows Humor from Emmanuelle Huynh

Flash Review 3, 4-9: Headlong Despite Disaster
Troupe Forges Through Premiere After Injury

Flash Review 1, 4-5: Why We Really Need Needcompany
"Images of Affection": A Course in Miracles from Jan Lauwers

Flash Review 2, 4-5: See ya "Later" Ballerina
Morris's Gift to Berman -- and Ballet

Flash Review 3, 4-5: Is that a Dance In Your Pocket?
Susan Marshall goes Film Noir

Flash View, 4-3: The Vision Thing & The Sexism Thing
Lack of Vision and Inclusion at the Royal Ballet

Flash Review, 4-3: LIfeless 'Portrait'
Feld's Life of Lincoln Stillborn Art

Flash Review 1, 4-1: The Story (Ballet) So Far
Eifman's 'Karamazovs': Straight to the Solar Plexus

Flash Review 1, 4-1: Broadway Dance Beat
Wheeldon's (Bitter) Sweet Whiff of Success

Flash News 1, 4-1: Protas Settles
Cedes Graham Ballet Ownership to Company

March 2002

Flash Review 1, 3-29: Rinse, Lather, Repeat
Bausch's New, Older Version of "Kontakthof"

Flash Review 2, 3-29: Art in Fact
William Forsythe's Sounds of Science

Flash Review 3, 3-29: Funny Feeling
Dance Theater at the Duke from Kleine & Godder

Flash Review 1, 3-22: Light and Dark
At the Extremes with Donna Uchizono

Flash Review 2, 3-22: Tamango! (& Crue)
Urban Tap, and More, in the House at the Joyce

Flash Response, 3-22: More than a Few
50 Great Modern Dances for Anna

Flash Review 1, 3-20: All Dolled Up
Sasha Waltz, "Coppelia," and the Manipulation of the Body

Flash Review 2, 3-20: "Poon"
Somewhere Between Rock, Pop and Modern Dance

Flash Interview, 3-13: Ballet's World Traveler
A Conversation with Ethan Stiefel

Flash Review 1, 3-14: "Kettentanz"!
...Latest Joffrey Program Celebrates the Bitter and the Sweet

Flash Review 2, 3-14: "Passage" Through Irish Step and Modern
Traversing the Darkness and the Light With Darrah Carr Dance

Flash View, 3-12: Say it Ain't so, Charles
Reinharts Book Their Own Daughter for ADF Season

Flash Review 1, 3-12: Of the Telling and the 'Untold'
Strong Movement Squares off with Effects in Gonzalez-Ott Debut

Flash Review 2, 3-12: 'Byrd-lesque'
A Decade of Byrd: What it is! (And what it isn't)

Flash Review 1, 3-7: The Alchemist's Taylor
In the Choreographic Kitchen with the Sorcerer

Flash Review 2, 3-7: Current Curran
Into the Deep with Sean...and Company

Flash Review 3, 3-7: Et pourquoi oui?
Tanztheater Sans Tanz from Christian Rizzo

Flash Analysis and Preview, 3-6: The Case for Curran
The Importance of NYC Presenters

Flash Review 1, 3-6: New Morris Dance
...& Others from Mark, for New York

Flash Review 1, 3-5: Less is More Encore
Mixed Forecast for Belarbi's New "Hurlevent" on the Paris Opera

Flash Review 2, 3-5: "Black Tuesday," Version Original
Paul Taylor: Breaking Down the Dancemaker

Flash Review, 3-1: Hearts & Weeds
Cloying "Valentine" from Paul Taylor

February 2002

Flash Review 1, 2-28: Courage
Celebrating Gyor's "Purim"

Flash Review 2, 2-28: Courage, Too
Sinister Slapstick with Nuts from Keely Garfield

Flash News and Analysis, 2-26: GRAHAM COMPANY RETURNS TO STAGE
May 9 City Center Gig First Performance in Two Years

Flash Review 1, 2-26: Back to the Future
Australian Ballet Gala 40th Looks Back and Beyond

Flash Review 2, 2-26: Valentine's Prey
s Love and Other Nervous Breakdowns from Sam Kim

Flash Review 1, 2-21: Cry, the Ravaged Country
"We must eat our suckers with the wrapper on...": Robyn Orlin's About AIDS Dance

Flash Review 2, 2-21: 'Sara Wookey Breaks Out!'
An Original American Finds Fame and Fortune Abroad

Flash Review 3, 2-21: Tip Top Tap Fusion
Not-so-Still Life with Blumenfeld

Flash Review 1, 2-19: A Legend Debuts
A Fiery Return For Kain as Lady Capulet

Flash Review 2, 2-19: Nearly an Ace
Les Grands Ballets 'Queen' Lacks only an Editor

Flash Review 3, 2-19: (Too) Loud and Clear, Over and Over and Over Again
Beller's Strong Rep Undercut by a Program in Need of an...Editor

Flash Review 1, 2-15: Great Expectations
Robbins's 'Dances' Uplifts Dancers in SFB Premiere; Expecting Adam Falls Short of Expectations in Newest Work

Flash Review 2, 2-15: Raw, Polished, and Rollicking at City Ballet
Woetzel owns 'Prodigal,' Ansanelli Romps in 'Concert'

Flash Review 3, 2-15: Scoop it Up, Baby!
Love and Other Duets Fested

Flash Review 1, 2-13: Escape from 9-11
Maguy Marin's Brave New World

Flash Review 2, 2-13: Smart Dance, Dumb PR
Two Angles on Garrett/Workum/Yavin's "Smart Set"

Flash Review 3, 2-13; Ready, Set....
Up, Down, and Every Which Way But Loose with Streb's Action Heroes

Flash Review 1, 2-12: Sanctuary
Graham Legacy Finds Safe Harbor with Buglisi/Foreman

Flash Review 2, 2-12: Dancing Bartleby
Verret Prefers Dance Theater to Spin Melville Story

Flash Review 3, 2-12: Voyagers
Inbal Brings Tradition into Modern Times

Flash Review, 2-9: Masters
Eiko & Koma Meet Halprin, Soundtrack by Jeanrenaud

Flash Review 1, 2-8: Merce, Acting, in Cage's "Alphabet"

Flash Review 2, 2-8: "Flicker"
Surprisingly Tender S&M Blood Sports and other Task-oriented Choreography from Big Art Group

Flash Review 3, 2-8: At Play with the Comfortable and Disturbing
Mining Love and Other Wonders in Mabou Mines's "Peter and Wendy"

Flash Review 1, 2-5: Less Dress, More Ole!
Backstage Backstabbing With PNB & Stowell's New "Carmen"

Flash Review 2, 2-5: Pass Me that Gui-tar 'Fore I Smash Another Beer Can on My Forehead
Dawson Goes West, Young Dancer/Singer/Actor

Flash Review 3, 2-5: Jones Redux
"D-Man in the Waters"

Flash Review 1, 2-4: Without and Within
Corpus Jones, and Dancers

Flash Review 2, 2-4: Refractions from the Light
Dance, Poetry, Film, and "Sounds from Kandinsky"

Flash Review 3, 2-4: Come Together
Jodi's Body, Schick's Flicks, and Other Sounds of Silence from Susan Rethorst

January 2002

Flash Review, 1-31: Cechetti becomes Rodin
A True "Heaven on Earth" from Netherlands Dance Theatre

Flash Film Review, 1-30: "Violette et Mr. B`'
Et Jerome Robbins, Nicolas Le Riche, Isabel Guerin, Elisabeth Platel, Lucia Lacarra, Vladimir Malakhov, Margeret Illman....

Flash Film Review 2, 1-30: The Real World
Dancers Lives, On Screen, On Stage, and in their Apartments

Flash Review, 1-30: Lilacs from Robbins
The Importance of Being "Old-Fashioned"

Flash Review 1, 1-28: Bloodless at the Ballet
Martins Mines Balanchine, Dancers Deliver

Flash Review 2, 1-28 Bang-Bang
Visual Assault with Cohen' s "New Gun"

Flash Review 1, 1-25: The Hallelujah Paradoxes
At the Altar of Dance with Liz Lerman

Half-Flashed Review, 1-25: Flamenco Classic
Some Reflections on Flamenco and Concert Dance, via Antonio Marquez

Flash Review 2, 1-25: Not Hooked...Yet
On the Brink with Staton's "Hooker"

Flash Review 1, 1-23: Bloomers, Late and Early
Martins Finds His Adams Groove; Stafford to Soloist

Flash Review 2, 1-23: "Clavigo"
The Evergreen Neo-Classicism of Roland Petit

Flash Review, 1-22: Classic Balanchine, Contemporary Barak at NYCB
Follow the Bouncing Boal from Downtown to Uptown as he Follows "La Sonnambula"

Flash Dispatch, 1-22: Blind Spots
Eyes Opened Wide in Berlin

Flash APAP Journal, 1-22: Views Into a Nation's Soul
Moving Words on Dance from Arts Presenters Confab '02

Flash Review 1, 1-18: Camera (not) Obscura
Dance on Camera 2002: History Lessons and Visual Trips

Flash Review 2, 1-18: Techno-Dance
Sweet "Suite Devo" from Troika

Flash Review 1, 1-17: Parable for the City
Comfort & Crew Make Gold from Asphalt

Flash Review 2, 1-17: Silly Love Songs
Montalvo-Hervieu Offers Up More Sweets

Flash Review 3, 1-17: Pleasing Astringency
At Rest in Movement with Molissa Fenley

Flash Review 1, 1-16: Triple-D Threat
Stories and Schtick from (D) Gordon, (D) Dorfman, and (D) Froot

Flash Review 2, 1-16: "Excelsior"!
La Scala Gives a Schooling in How to Present a Classic (But Please, Lose the Classic Orientalism)

Flash Review 3, 1-16: Storytellers
Tales of the Unbidden, the Unhinged, and the Ladykillers from Geismer and Wilberg

Flash APAP Report, 1-14: Birth of a Presenter
BlackRock: Good News from Germantown, MD

Flash Review 1, 1-14: The Story Thus Far
Sister Oberfelder Gives Life to the Brothers Grimm

Flash Review 2, 1-14: Bold Titles, Timid Works
Big Concepts, Bland Vocabulary from Brenner

Flash Agenda, 1-11: The Importance of Arts Presenting
Five Suggestions for Dance Presenters

Flash Review 1, 1-11: Troubling the Space
Fresh Tracks Version 'O2: Adventures of the Body, from Stillness to the Ovarian Failure Within

Flash Review 2, 1-11: New Gathering
Cast Changes in Robbins's 'Dances,' but Regulars Borree and Ringer Provide the Dazzle

Flash Review 1, 1-10: Fire at NYCB
Hotter, Jenifer! Stab! Stab! Dim Those Bedroom Eyes, Maria!

Flash Review 2, 1-10: Pourquoi "Chinese Bastard"?
Why a Duck? and Other Strong Questions from Lin Yuan Shang

Flash Review 3, 1-10: Red Delicious and a Dagger
Smits Replays Snippets of Faust

Flash Review 1, 1-7: On "Higher Ground" with Complexions ....And Desmond Richardson:
So Good You Want to Hate Him -- but Can't

Flash Review 2, 1-7: Dancers Wobble & a Good Ballet Falls Down
NYCB Dancers Fail Martins in Premiere

Flash Review 3, 1-7: War, What is it Good for? Dance!
Tamar Rogoff, "Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier"

Flash Review 1, 1-4: "Feel Good" Dance
The de Lavallade/Solomons/Williams Paradigm

Flash Review 2, 1-4: Serious Fun
Banging it up with Parker and Crew

Flash Review 1, 1-2: Orgy at the Opera
Petrouchka is Dead, Long Live Petrouchka

Flash Review 2, 1-2: "A Mammal's Notebook"
The Eric Satie Cabaret, with Puppets

Flash Review 3, 1-2: Long Ago and Far Away
J. Mandle Performance Returns Time and Again


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