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Maura Nguyen Donohue of Maura Nguyen Donohue / InMixedCompany in her "Strictly a Female Female." Photo ©Steven Schreiber.

Copyright 2011 Paul Ben-Itzak

NEW YORK -- One evening back in the 1990s, my friend the choreographer and dancer Rebecca Stenn and I were sitting in a tapas bar in the Village, where a Scandinavian presenter was telling us about Sasha Waltz, already the rage in Europe. In the intervening years, Waltz would go on to be given her own building in Berlin and enough additional means, from Germany and leading theaters throughout Europe, to basically work with whatever and as many artists as she wanted to in multiple genres and, most of all, the luxury of time to create new work. She never had to put her own work aside to take a teaching job so she could pay the rent and raise a family, thus risking the loss of creative momentum that might come with that. She was also given the means to hire a full-time dramaturge to make sure the work was disciplined. If Rebecca Stenn and Maura Nguyen Donohue (like Rebecca, a former longtime Dance Insider contributor) had been working in Europe, this is the kind of support they would have received. Subscribers click here to read the full Letter.. (Not yet a subscriber? Yearly subscription, including full access to archives, is $29.95. To subscribe, just click on the PayPal 'Subscribe' button below.)

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