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Flash Alert, 1-10: NPR Doesn't Heart Dance
Public Radio is no exception from the Media's Blackout on Dance
By Paul Ben-Itzak
Copyright 2000 The Dance Insider

Just rec'd the following request:

"Would you mind please taking me off your list? I really can't have all these e-mails every day on a topic we don't normally cover. Thank you!"

I am sharing this because it came from a news producer at WNYC, the NPR station in New York and the NPR station which claims the largest listenership in the country. WNYC posits that it covers culture in New York City. It also posits that it is "different" and less "commercial" than other radio stations. Considering that NYC is the dance capital of the world, I think the above statement is at the same time astounding and a reality check on the obstacles we face in getting the mainstream media--of which, yes, NPR is a member--to cover dance.

I am not including the name or e-mail address of the person who sent it to me, as we do try to respect the privacy of this list, and I do not want this to be perceived as a personal attack. The problem is much bigger than one person.

Incidentally, the producer in question first contacted me to get an opinion on the New York City Ballet orchestra strike. I mention this because, again, it's an instance of people only paying attention to dance--and news--when it's bad.

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