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Flash Review 1, 4-21: Van Gogh Haystacks
Chouinard Takes On This Wierd Crazy World

By Selene Carter
with Asimina Chremos

CHICAGO--Well, the concert of Marie Chouinard, scheduled by Performing Arts Chicago at the Shubert Theater for Tuesday, was cancelled because apparently the company's freight did not arrive. I (Asimina) was unable to attend Wednesday's show, because I had already committed to celebrate Seder dinner with friends. My good friend and peer and fellow Flasher Selene Carter was at the performance. What follows are her words, taken down during a phone conversation around midnight:

There were nine pieces in a row, like looking at Van Gogh haystacks for hours and hours
people were yawning and leaving
Each piece a gem that needs to be seen on its own
This was a retrospective, like a room of Picassos
She crystallizes an image gets into extreme body states
Her three pieces that she did in the '80s were like the centerpieces of the work
The trajectory into the '90s -- she got louder
She creates a mythic psyche image and goes deeply into it, perfects what it is -- vaudeville schtick
A living image
Reptilian brain communication
Not patterns in space, not about choreographic craft
Very sexual female and male masturbation images lots of nudity
She is of the Nijinsky way of presenting movement hieroglyphic two dimensional quality
What makes it beautiful is that she creates the image, the entity and takes it to it's extreme and sharpens the blade and then shows it is a human
A piece with a giant spike spine, then she takes it off like a warrior and is just breathing
She's really into breathing, which can be distorted and frightening then human
Gorgeous gorgeous magnificent work
She would be nowhere without her collaborators, lighting costumes, set pieces
How clever to use dancers that look like her and to do her pieces, but it's hard to see the same types of pieces over and over again
She was exploring female human image, then deeply into images, then her heart got broken and there was a wild chakra piece, and then she went into all kinds of crazy creatures and animals and she is still in this weird crazy world

Happy Spring to All

(Editor's Note: Compagnie Marie Chouinard brings this program, Les Solos 1978-1998, to the Joyce Theater from April 26 to April 30.)

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