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Flash Review 2, 4-8: Strength in Simplicity
Simple Fancy Dancing from the Lakota Sioux

By Tamieca McCloud
Copyright 2000 Tamieca McCloud

After several false starts at writing my first Flash Review, I've come to realize that the best course of action is to keep it simple and sweet.

The Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theatre, presented by the World Music Institute, gave a strong performance last night at Symphony Space. I wasn't impressed by extraneous stunts, special effects and an integration of popular culture--because there were none. What was presented, and was very impressive, were eleven talented and celebrated performers, in beautifully detailed regalia, sharing their pride and love of their culture, with an audience who reciprocated with a well-deserved stand of appreciation.

The strength definitely came in the simplicity. All too often the beauty of the traditional dancing is lost in unnecessary "glitter and glam," where so much is going on that you're quickly overwhelmed. But don't get me wrong....Simplicity in presentation does not equal the same in performance. There was some very complex vocalization and movement, and some good "storytelling" going on. I have to admit that I was trying my damnedest to absorb (through visual osmosis) as much of the Fancy Dancing as I could, for future reference.

At the end of the day, what I want to say is this: The Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theatre is a group to be seen, because sometimes having a lot of pride can produce good things.

(Editor's Note: Tamieca McCloud is a choreographer, dancer, and writer presently living and working in New York City. We're excited to have her aboard!)

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