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The Buzz (previously Chevalier de la Barre)
The Artful Voyager

By Paul Ben-Itzak

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The Buzz, 7-31: How Fragile We Are
Understanding France's Intermittent (freelance performing artist) mess; Boycott Israel's Batsheva Dance Company; Graham, Resurrected in Paris; Taglioni still not buried where Paris says she is

The Buzz, 2-20: Can-can attitude, can-do arabesque
La Goulue lifted her dress, La Taglioni her pointes, and both lifted women's rights

The Buzz, 2-14: Non-revelations
Ailey in Berkeley light on Alvin?

The Buzz, 1-24: The tears of a clown
For next Graham Company NY season, only half the works are by Martha Graham

The Buzz, 6-21: The Wilis
Why the Dance Critics Association is a joke and why this matters

The Buzz, 2-28: Say it ain't so, Paul
Climate crusading Beatle makes ballet for theater named after global warming denier Koch

Media Watch, 2-14: Patrons of the Arts Dept.
New York City Ballet's David Koch in the news

The Buzz, 1-13: Say it ain't so, (La) MaMa
Legendary NY theater helps whitewash Israeli Apartheid

The Artful Voyager, 1-7: Slaves of New York
Vital dance in Gotham may be missing, but Chan isn't

The Artful Voyager, 12-27: Winter Wonderland
Playland in the park

The Buzz, 12-19: Jill, Encore
The importance of being Jill Johnston

The Buzz, 12-14: Felasco
The DTW/Jones merger; the dance/dancing merger

The Artful Voyager, 12-10: Last Angels in Paris
Juliette in Flight

The Buzz, 12-6: Philistines at the temple
The unbearable lightness of Alastair Macaulay

The Artful Voyager, 12-6: Central Park in the Dark
Taking the long way home

The Buzz, 12-1: Critics Cornered
Macaulay & McCarter: Ballet's not dead, but intelligent criticism may be

The Buzz, 11-22: Gangster's Paradise
Anchored in Gotham

The Artful Voyager, 11-18: Hearts of the West
From the Bay to the Falls on the Dog

The Buzz, 9-8: Dancing on their graves
Joyce helps Batsheva white-wash Israeli war crimes; City Ballet provides cover for global warmer Koch

The Buzz, 8-10: Open the door, Alastair
Truth and inconsequence at the New York Times

Flash Tragedy, 4-1: Alas, poor Martha
We knew her, Horatio; until Janet got through connecting her to today's audiences

The Buzz, 2-22: Local Yokel
The unbearable lightness of Alastair Macaulay

The Buzz, 9-28: David Koch, meet Robert Badinter
In France, it's not the power of your wallet but the power of your morals that gets a space named after you

The Buzz, 9-24: Ballerina go Home
No, you can't work here

Buzzblog, 9-16: Diaghilev forever
In Hamburg, every season celebrates the Ballets Russes

Buzzblog, 9-10: Pop question
Robin Staff on 15 years of nurturing artists

Buzzblog, 9-08: The fictional debate
Meet Homer Avila

The Buzz, 7-9: Bring back Rockwell
Macaulay spits on Pina's grave

The Buzz, 6-18: Divine Guidance
Respecting Bernhardt's legacy at her theater

The Buzz, 5-21: Cosmopolitania
New national dance theater gives Flamenco the shaft; Glover in Paris premiere; Preljocaj returns to the stage in Genet work; where's Larbi?; and more from the next Paris dance season

Flash News, 4-1: Gaga Scrip
Netanyahu taps Naharin as foreign minister
By Mesha Gunah
Copyright 2009 Mesha Gunah

The Buzz, 2-19: Branding Israel
Boycott & Picket Batsheva at BAM & Everywhere

Flash News, 1-15: Interlude
LeBlanc to Retire

Flash News 2, 1-15: Do you know the way to DC?
NJ Troupe hops Love Train to Washington to dance for Mandela and Obama
By Dance Insider Staff
Copyright 2009 The Dance Insider

The Buzz, 12-30: Living in the Light
Give peaceful response a chance; 24 hours in a room with David Dorfman; Lit-up by Loie Fuller

The Buzz, 12-18: Take your partner by the hand
The Dance Insider needs your support now; Square Dancing on Miami Beach, 1965

The Buzz, 11-26: Giving Thanks, Taking Care
From Persecution to Performance; McKenzie & Melillo on Barnes; Martins 5, Balanchine 2

Clive Barnes, Rest in Peace

The Buzz, 11-6: Redemption Songs
Forsythe, LeBlanc, Tomasson & Wheater on Arpino; Brave New World

The Buzz, 9-19: Prodigals
Ballet blog skinny; History of a Siren; Martins commander of arts and -- huh?; All-danse in Biarritz; Up-close in Manhattan; Bessies heart ballet (not); ModErin mama

The Buzz, 9-12: Re-entry
Paris's new dance palace; wailing critics; revisionist reporters; Dancer withinsiders; Dance galleries

The Buzz, 7-25: The Age of Philistines
All the 'criticism' that's fit to spit on dance & dancers; as Kourlas continues her rampage, when will Macaulay speak up?

The Buzz, 7-11: Who is David Koch?
Meet the new patron of the NY State Theater

The Buzz, 3-14: All the news that's fit to spit∗
Sheriff Spitzer, friend of Dance, hounded out of town by the Gray Lady

The Buzz, 3-7: Stop your Sobbing
L.A. Times Eliminates its Dance Critic

The Buzz, 2-22: Buzz-O-Rama
Meet Jill Johnston; Siegel Watches the Dance; Tudor Teaches the PDD; Merce goes Public; the 5,000 Dance Jobs of Mr. T

The Buzz, 2-15: The Problem with Gia
Time for the Times to disengage from its unengaged critic

Flack Attack 2008: The Voices they are a-changin'
The Best Publicists in New York

The Buzz, 11- 14: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Who's the Dance Capital of them All?

In Memorium, 9-27: Marcel Marceau
The Silence Heard 'Round the World

The Buzz, 8-16: The Phantom of the Opera
When will the Paris Opera Ballet do Right by Marie Taglioni?

The Buzz, 8-2: Big Thinkers
Introducing the Dance Insider Forum; Dancenow/NYC Announces Festival Line-up; Neumeier Spotted in Tulsa

Buzz Flashback, 7-26: Chase Erased
Joyce Should Pay Fired Pilobolus Director

Flash Update, 7 -19: Chasened
Fired Pilobolus Mother to Fight for her Work

Buzz Flashback, 7-12: Alison in Purgatory
The Day Pilobolus Fired its Mother and Sold its Soul or, How a Corporation Swallowed a Choreographer

The Buzz, 7-5: Amplitude
The Tragedy of Jennifer Dunning

The Buzz, 5-24: White-out Conditions, Wipe-out Conditions
How to Cure Ballet's Dire Race Problem; How to help a Direly Injured Dancer

The Buzz, 5-15; I am not 'Explicit'
All the Nudes too Fat to Print

The Buzz, 4-19: Right to Life

The Buzz, 4-12: All-Star Line-up
Vonnegut joins Heller; Danny Celebrated; Tops for Tipton

The Buzz, 3-15: Passages
Mrs. D joins Mr. B; Sklute to Ballet West; Dienstag leaves DTW -- Robin Staff should succeed her; Happy Trails, Lauren Daniluk; Donlin Loves Jennifer

The Buzz, 3-1: Dance on the March
Think Globally, Dance Locally

The Buzz, 2-1: All We Need is Love... and Light
Kourlas Targets Peterson; Brenner Loves Louis & Shapiro; Tipton in the Spotlight

The Buzz, 12-19: Inside Track Encore
DTW Programs Another Employee on its Own Stage

The Buzz, 11-21: Pharisees & Parasites
Exit Rockwell; Shoddy Standards at Dance/USA & Dance/NYC; Replacing Rockwell (Stop the Gia-had); Yank Choreographer Young Rated X by French

The Buzz, 10-17: Conscious
Danial's Song; Philly Artists for Lebanese Kids; Dance Education Under Occupation

The Buzz, 10-3: A Leap of Faith
BAM's 'Next' Sham; Dancenow's Grand Slam; Resurrecting George's Cotillion

The Buzz, 9-29: Things to Come
First they came...

Flash Advice, 9-26: 4 a.m. Flack Attack Blues
The Best Publicists in New York, 2006

The Buzz, 9-19: More Books & Pencils
Back to School with Tere O'Connor; Michelson's not THAT in the money; Tulsa is

The Buzz, 9-15: The Usurpers... & the Saviors
Whose New York is it Anyway?

The Buzz, 9-6: Phoenix Descending
Voice Gives the Raspberry to New York; Times Buries the Story

In Memorium, 8-15: Melissa Hayden
Dancing on 'the Acute Edge of Risk'

The Buzz, 8-9: Dumb & Dumber
It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times

The Buzz, 7-25: Ben-Itzak's Admonition
Same Old Tricks from Gray Lady

The Buzz, 7-19: Naharin's Virus
Boycott Israeli Dance Companies

The Buzz, 7-14: Conscious
Jowitt Remembers; is it Time to Boycott Israeli Companies?

The Buzz, 6-27: Chase Erased
Joyce Should Pay Fired Pilobolus Director

The Buzz, 6-20: Alison in Purgatory
The Day Pilobolus Fired its Mother and Sold its Soul
or, How a Corporation Swallowed a Choreographer

Critiquing the Critics, IV, 6-9
Critic Bites Self

The Buzz, 6-1 (Headline Corrected): Point of Crossing
Graham Debate: 'Inflammatory Writing' or Terminal Patient?

The Buzz, 5-30: Deaths & Entrances
For Martha to Live, her Company must be Dissolved

The Buzz, 5-16: Canticle for Innocent Artistic Directors
Graham Chronicles: The Banished Mothers & the Absentee Parent

The Buzz, 5-12: Critics Really Cornered
Critics Group's Answer to Criticism Crisis: Write More Features!; Delirious at the Gallery; 'Carmen' in Rochester

The Buzz, 5-10: Diversion of Acolytes
The Graham Debt & the Protas Enablers

The Buzz, 5-4: The 3 Amigos
SF Ballet's Farewell on the Cheap to Legate, Possokhov, & Brandenhoff

The Buzz, 4-18: Rant-free zone
Aurora's Dream Team in Tulsa; Bill Graham is Alive & Well & Working as BraginStaff in NY; the Real 'Scene' in Montpellier; Rainer Noted in the Village; Chen's Landscape in NJ; my Bionic City by the Bay

The Buzz, 4-12: Same ol' Lamentation
Vision of the Latest Graham Apocalypse

The Buzz, 4-11: Curator Corner
'Sitelines' in Manhattan; Blind-sighted in France; Tulsa's Latest Creation

The Buzz, 4-2: Fault-lines
Quelle Diable!: Diablo Ballet Wants Your Money but doesn't want Critics at "Earthquake''s 'World Premiere'

The Buzz, 3-31: The Baker Centennial
Celebrating Josephine's Greatest Love

The Buzz, 3-28: Graham Grovels
Board Leaves Dancers to Beg for Money

The Buzz, 3-22: Shirking and Ducking
Censorship at New York Theater Workshop; "Rachel's Words" Tonight at Riverside Church

The Buzz, 3-14: Dissecting the Undissectable
Dear Mr. O'Connor: I was Wrong


Breaking Buzz, 3-1: White Out Conditions
'Cross-cultural Communication' as Lincoln Center Festival Sees it

The Buzz, 2-22: Americans not in Paris
More Provincialism from the Rencontres Choregraphiques 'Internationales'; Nik hits the Road to the Provinces

The Buzz, 2-15: Location, location, location!
New Space and $5.5 million for Dance Space; but Sarah Still Can't Pay the Rent in Mike Bloomberg's New York

The Buzz, 2-10: The Great Society
Hundreds of thousands for Danspace Project; Green Light for Elevator Repair Service; Adieu la Belle Becky; Kartoon Kaos Theory

The Buzz, 2-3: The Day the Dancing Stopped
Moira Shearer, RIP: The Spell wasn't in the Shoes

The Buzz, 1-20: The Mother of all Battles
Alison Chase Files for Unemployment; Headlong Headlines Harkness; Joffrey's 'Green' Giant Returns
Image by and copyright Robin Hoffman

The Buzz, 1-18: Living in the Real World
Gore: "'We the People' Must Save our Constitution"

The Buzz, 12-20: The Septime Sin
Yes, Virginia, Dancers too have Rights

The Buzz, 12-16: Nuts
'Nutcracker' Held Hostage in Washington

The Buzz, 12-12: If...
'The Green Table' at the White House

The Buzz, 12-5: Conflict of Interest
Inside Track: DTW Books its Own Marketing Director for Fresh Tracks

The Buzz, 11-30: Priorities

The Buzz, 11-14: Staking a Claim
Voices on Bujones; Less Voices at Voice; Paris isn't Burning

The Buzz, 11-8: Of Stakes & Staffs
DNB's Weber doesn't get it; Graham Center gets Joan & gets at Protas

The Buzz, 11-2: Chase Chased?
Pilobolus Accused of Firing its Mother (and why choreographers everywhere should be concerned)

The Buzz, 10-31: Nightmare on W. 30th Street

The Buzz, 10-26: Sit Down, Stand Up
Sister Rosa's Message for Brother Swan; Denby on the Russe-ians

The Buzz, 10-24: Attention, Dancers!
Wal-Mart Workers' Sub-Poverty Wages Underwrite a Dance Company

Buzz Flashback, 10-24: Words get in the Way
Altria: Bringing Chocolate, Dance, and Cancer into Our Lives Every Day

Flash Haiku, 10-14: Critics Cornered, 3
The Unbearable Lightness of the NY Times

The Buzz, 10-5: Let Them Eat Dance!
Northern American Exposure: France Moves at the Bastille

The Buzz, 9-30: Tere on a Tear
Dear Mr. O'Connor: Put up or Shut up

The Buzz, 9-23: Conflict of Interest
Why the Bessies are Broken, and How to Fix Them

The Buzz, 9-9: Giahad
Kourlas Paints the Grey Lady Yellow

The Buzz, 9-7: The Big Uneasy
My Third World Country

The Buzz, 8-17: Stanton, We Have a Problem
Gielgud Resigns from Houston Ballet

Flash Journal, 8-11: The Spectators Strike Back
In Avignon, the Audience Walks

Flash News & View, 7-19: "Who Cares?" It's just Balanchine
SF Ballet's Tomasson Slashes Mr. B

The Buzz, 7-8: Blowing in the Wind
Winds of War; Wind Cancels SF Ballet; Akram Khan Meets Sidi Larbi; Karin Averty Meets Juliet in Farewell; Jill Johnston Revives Amsterdam

The Buzz, 6-30: Freedom Towers
Newspeak in NYC; Live Fungus in the Vaucluse; Dead Music & Brubeck for SF Ballet & "Lars" in Paris
Photo copyright John Kane

The Buzz, 6-21: Marginalized
Why the Joyce Should Ditch Pilobolus for Michelson

The Buzz, 6-10: Trojan Horse
The Graham Betrayal

The Buzz, 6-2: Amazingly Graceless
Washington Ballet Set to Criticize Dancers; Graham Moves Need an Act of Light

The Buzz, 5-30: Fissures & Fusions, Romance & Cigarettes
Eilber Replaces Capucilli & Dakin as Graham Cuts Staff; Brouk & Co. Meet Turturro, Gandolfini & Co.

The Buzz, 5-19: Something Borrowed, Something New
Montpellier Danse '05: (Old) Americans Abroad, Young (Local) Talent

The Buzz, 5-4: Tell Tchaikovsky the News
Conservative Presenting, in Berkeley?; Isadora's Winners; Flamenco in Philly & NYC; Contain Yourself, Darling!

The Rockwell Files, 7: Elitist is as Elitist Does
Gray Lady's New Provincial Gown

Flash Birthday Card, 4-26: Home
Bonne Anniversaire #201, Marie Taglioni

Flash News & Commentary, 4-20: New Math
Dance Company Cancels Tour After Dancers Refuse to Subsidize it

The Buzz, 4-14: Spinning
French Ballet Lists; French Festival Confuses Tomasson with Merce; Neumann 'Fails Spectacularly'; Homer Makes a Comeback
Photo copyright 2005 Patricia Paludanus

The Buzz, 4-13: Mixed Media
Gia Chic; Good Rockwell, Bad Rockwell; Protas Enablers; Zimmer on "Cutting Edge" Brown

The Buzz, 3-24: Fools for Dance
Critics to Die for and Cry About; Blockheads for Bunheads; Lichtner Feted; Homer Remembered

The Buzz, 3-17: Americans Abroad
Springtime for Fungi and Germany; a Choreographer Hangs up his Spikes (for now); Forsythe Returns (& Pontificates); American Spoken (just not Danced) in St. Denis

Flash News, 3-11: Stand up, Get 'Fired'?
Union: Washington Ballet 'Strikes Back' at Dancer Organizers

The Buzz, 2-28: The Rockwell Files, 4
"Why John Rockwell of all People?"

By Anonymous

The Buzz, 2-24: Body Trouble
Why Rockwell was Right; Why the Joyce is Wrong

By Paul Ben-Itzak
with a letter from Will Barker

The Buzz, 2-23: The Rockwell Files, 2
Give me Nudity, or Give me Death!

The Buzz, 2-17: The Rockwell Files
Dance, 10, Looks, 3, New York Times, 0

The Buzz, 1-27: Diplomatically Speaking
From Dunham to Rice; Yanks not Welcome at Videodanse (Encore); Rockwell Modern

The Buzz, 1-20: Noces

The Buzz, 1-19: Up in Smoke
Blackout for Michelson's "Daylight"; Sagna's Exploding Dancer; Rockwell Fires Duds

Flash View, 12-16: The Scabs who Stole Christmas

The Buzz, 11-23: The Voice & The Voiceless
Gardening with Meredith & Bessie; Dancers Left Outside by P.S. 122?

By Paul Ben-Itzak & The Dance Outsider

The Buzz, 11-18: Fetes and Farewells
Joyce Festival on 'Hiatus'; Paris Quarter Celebrates its Ballerina

Paris Journal, 10-21: Artifacts
Parcen, Hoffman, Maffre & Lacotte Pay Homage to Taglioni; Monnier Dabbles on the Dance Floor; Halprin Intensive

The Buzz, 10-14: Dance Locally, Test Globally
More supporters for Taglioni; Sense from Sensedance; Small-thinking at BAM; Follow the Dancing Publicist Down the Red Road

Flash Appeal, 10-13: Give Thanks
Help us Preserve Marie Taglioni's Legacy

The Buzz, 9-23: Rave-o-Rama
Heroes: Giving thanks for Elizabeth Zimmer, the Dancers of DTH, and AGMA's Deborah Allton

The Buzz, 9-22: Bested
Bessies into the Breach; New Tricks for the Gray Lady; New Talent at American Repertory Ballet

Flash Dispatch, 9-3: Who Can I Run to?
Out in the Cold with Josephine Baker in the Vallee of the Dordogne

Flash Advice, 9-1: Flack Attack 2004
The Best Publicists in New York

The Buzz, 8-24: All the News....
... And More Graham Scoops

The Buzz, 8-13: Tiny Bubbles
Nixon Meets Bessie; Barretto to run new Performing Arts Program at LMCC; New Harkness Director Lacks Curating Experience; Dancenow to DTW in 2005; Finding Dendy's 'Head'; Swan's Irish Song; WAX Sealed; Elsie Joins the Navy

The Buzz, 7-23: Changing Channels
Spectator Sues after Dancer Urinates on Stage; US-France Dance Relations Move to Next Stage; Neumann's New Puppet Show

The Buzz, 7-20: Mindful
Will YOU Show up for Taglioni?; Frankfurt Orphans; Critic Cornered; Surviving Your Dance Career, During and After

The Buzz, 7-9: Flack Attack

The Buzz 7-7: Birthday Party
Italian Cultural Institute to Give Soiree for Taglioni

The Buzz, 7-2: Needling
Singer Sews up Kitchen Gig

The Buzz, 6-29: Economies: A Tale of Two Cities
From France now to Dancenow

The Buzz, 6-22: Fortress Dance
Will France's New Centre National de la Danse Promote the Art or Perpetuate "Apartheid"?

The Buzz, 6-14: Homer's Legacy
Let's Prevent Future Homers

The Buzz, 6-8: Myths, Misdemeanors, & Legends
Why DTH is more than a Black Thing; Martins's Family Affair; Pilobolus in the Underworld; President Reagan's 6-year AIDS Gap; Happy Trails to Finkelstein, Bernhardt, and Wethers

The Buzz, 6-1: Of Retro and Retrospectives
Graham Dancer Mecene Returns to the Guinguette; Mills Dances Godard in Soho; Rainer Films Feted in the East Village

The Buzz, 5-18: Pivots
Remembering Fonteyn; Feting Forsythe; Honoring Homer

Flash View, 5-17: Pulp Reality
We are all Intermittents

The Buzz, 4-20: Acting Up
Intermittents Overplay their Hand

The Buzz, 4-14: "Sex" and the City Center
The (Short-)Selling of Martha Graham

The Buzz, 4-2: Wizards
Pointe Shoes for Taglioni; Funding & a School for Forsythe; Freelance Artists Topple a Minister

The Buzz, 3-30: Our Forgotten Mother
On the Eve of her Bicentennial, Taglioni's Gravestone Crumbles; Will her Legacy?

The Buzz, 3-26: ...And Why You Won't See Him in France
In Seine-Saint-Denis, the Invisible American Choreographer

The Buzz, 3-19: Freddy's not Dead
When Ashton Starred in Ashton; "Re-interpreting" a 'Tragedy'

The Buzz, 3-12: The Horror and the Light
Art in the Time of Cholera

By Paul Ben-Itzak

The Buzz, 3-1: Yam Power
Marines Meet Dunham; Giselle Meets Socialist Theory; PS Meets Playboy; Russell to Public?; Dancers on Top at Dance Mag & ABT

The Buzz, 2-6: To Boldly Go
Uprichard on Russell; Pilobolus, Jones on Jacobs; Monte's Mind Meld; the Big Picture

The Buzz, 2-4: Last Look
Taylor Cuts Jacobs after 23 Years; Jones Schools Times

The Buzz, 1-12: Miller Time
Unembracing APAP's "New Era"

The Buzz, 1-6: Boxed-out
Bolshoi Bars Volochkova from Paris Tour; Altogether Outside of the Box; Mathew Cussick's Dream Deferred

The Buzz, 12-1: Arrested Development, Too
Cirque du Soleil's HIV Shame; How DRA 'Values' Sponsors in the PC (Post-Cortez) Era

The Buzz, 11-14: Arrested Development
Board Brinksmanship at American Ballet Theatre; Editorial Abdication at the New York Times (or, a Tale of Two "Rain"s)

The Buzz, 10-22: The Ballerina Wants to Stop
Dorothy Opts out of Oz; The (Intermittents) Revolution will not be Televised; Red-Faced at the Moulin Rouge

The Buzz, 10-17: Engaged
Danspace Projects; What's the Pointe?; Stowell Starts

The Buzz, 9-30: Moscow to the Hudson
Bolshoi 'Buked; Tudor Processed; Remote Eye Wash; Forsythe Rants

By Paul Ben-Itzak (Bolshoi & Forsythe), Richard Philp (Tudor), and Tom Patrick (Eye Wash)
Copyright 2003 The Dance Insider, Richard Philp, & Tom Patrick

The Buzz Grab-bag, 9-24: Merde!
Who will Stand up for the Dancers?; Monk on Bessie; the Work of Artists, Recognized (by the Bessies)

The Buzz, 9-23: All the News that's Fit to Spit
The Gray Lady Blurs the Lines

The Buzz, 9-12: Legacies
Remembering Nik; Losing Ailey; Saving Dunham; Hines's Sight

The Buzz, 8-28: The Wizard of Oz
Australian Ballet Bids Adieu to Noel Pelly

The Buzz, 8-26: Grace
New Yorker to Artists: Let them wait tables!

The Buzz, 8-14: Heroes and Misdemeanors
Move Over, Arnold -- Ammiano Fights for Arts; DTW Lowers Ticket Prices; Joyce Sells "Nikolais Dance Theatre"; More on Hines

The Buzz, 8-7: California Dreaming
Giving Back to the Arts; Back to the Future for "Dance Magazine"?

The Buzz, 8-5: The Show Must Go On
Mona Lisa en greve; AGMA Should Pick up Pick-up Dancers; Berman Picks up DRA; Ballets Russes Reunion Album; Denby on Toumanova; Zimmer on Stage; Fringe and Anti-Fringe

The Buzz, 7-30: Keep Hope Alive

The Buzz, 7-23: Life's a Beach
Paris Festival Cancelled; Graham Ensemble Explained; Parting Words of White; One More Great Publicist; Altogether Different Solicitation

The Buzz, 7-15: States & the Arts
Why the French Exception Matters; the Exceptional Beverly Jensen

The Buzz, 6-26: Words get in the Way
Altria: Bringing Chocolate, Dance, and Cancer into Our Lives Every Day

The Buzz, 6-17: Going, going, gone
White Steps Down at DTW; Another ABT Exec. Bites the Dust; Queer Journalism at the Voice; India Disses Older Dancers; California Rallies for Arts Funding; Congolese Dance Giant Killed; Post-pomo Rhythm Masters & More

The Buzz, 6-12: Do the Right Thing
Union Charges Feld; Cortez Mounts 'Appalachian'; 'Critics' Unclear on Concept; Happy Trails to Barretto & Pearson; ABT Forgets Petipa & Ivanov; Troika Turns 10

The Buzz, 5-29: Beneath the SurFACE
Graham Books City Center; Topping Remembers Ross; Parker all-WET; Asian-American Women Center Stage; Paper Bites Ballerinas; Retiring Dancers; Burning up the Canal

The Buzz, 5-1: While George's Guitar Gently Weeps
ABT Honors Bush; Who is David Koch?; San Jose Salutes McKayle; Izzies Honors Bay's Best; Hodes Remembers Ross

The Buzz, 4-16: Back to the Future
The DI Commemorates Taglioni; Ballet Company Cancels Ads Because of Bad Reviews; Times Sends Bad Critic to Dunn

The Buzz, 4-8: Words Matter
APAP mis-Presents Firings; Graham Moves in and Grabs Pini; 'Internationalism' in Seine-Saint-Denis (no Americans Allowed); Chronicle Critic Appoints Anderson Cranko Muse; Steven Heathcoate -- This is Your Life!

The Buzz, 4-3: History Lessons
Welch's "Relevance"; "Myra's War"; Carlos Fuentes on "the United States of Amnesia"

The Buzz, 3-20: Cry, the Beloved Country
Rogues in the White House; Bad Behavior at APAP; How Artists Can Save the Soul of the U.S.

"Thank you for contacting Arts Presenters. This Individual is no longer with the organization."

The Buzz, 3-6: Defending Dance; Presenting Women
Dance/NYC Settles for Less Again; Mikko Nissenen's Man's Man's World

The Buzz, 2-6: International Incidents and National Affairs
DTW Shifts Positions ;) ; NJ Guv to Arts: Drop Dead; Kronos's Harrington on Cage and Merce; Dance Rencontres of the Annual Kind

The Buzz, 1-30: Transitions
White Lays Off Sandstrom; Times Appoints Kisselgoff G-d; Houston's Smart Hires; Why New York Can't Dance; Tobias on Graham and a Whole Lot More; Adieu to Dudinskaya

The Buzz, 1-22: Rebirth
Like the Phoenix, Martha Rises Again

The Buzz, 1-14: Credibility, Too
"Nijinsky" Fiasco in Monaco; Funding Crisis in Europe; Michelson All over the Place; Voice Frames Crutchmaster

The Buzz, 1-8: Altogether Now!
Altogether Adrift at the Joyce; Altogether Different at APAP

The Buzz, 1-2: Taglioni Time
Osta Romances; Le Vrai Concours

The Buzz, 12-18: Legacies
Long Live Martha; Frank Garcia, RIP; Mason Named Royal Director

The Buzz, 12-12: Nuts to You!
Extraordinary Things

The Buzz, 11-19: Failing William, Failing Dancers
Dance Publicist Comes Up Short

The Buzz, 11-14: Choices
How The Dance Insider Decides What to Review

The Buzz, 10-16: Legacies and Heritage
Russe Redux in Paris, Cincinnati, and New York; Graham Legal Rights; ABT Gala Rites; Where's Lew Christensen? (Not at SF Ballet)

The Buzz, 10-3: Open Art Surgery
Artists Preserve Democracy; Arabs not Welcome; Chan to Arts Presenters; Get Found!; Get 'Luminate'd

The Buzz, 9-26: Hello! Goodbye!
DTW Opens Brave New Era; Stretton Quits Royal Ballet

The Buzz, 9-23: Charmed, I'm Sure!
Garfield & Goldhuber Charm Bessies; Goldsmith Charms Aussies; Tanzquartier Charms Austrians; Ailey Charms Morgan Stanley; Man from Momix Charms the Gray Lady; Kaplan Charms the Creteins; More Charming Publicists; & More

Chevalier de la Barre, 9-10: Not About 9/11 Column
Explaining the Unexplainable

Chevalier de la Barre, 9-4: Dumb & Dumber; Smart
Protas Lawyer Puts Slipper in Mouth; Just Some of the Facts at the Times; Ulrich Exits Chronicle; Kickoff Booted from Dance Magazine; Morris Gets his Vigor Back with Faith; Caspersen Does Deneuve; Dakin Floats with Graham; Zimmer Processes and Produces

Chevalier de la Barre, 8-30: Bring Billy Home; Saving Martha
How NYC Can Step Inside the 21st Century with Forsythe;
Mason Gives Props to Preston and Remembers Graham

Chevalier de la Barre, 8-23: Treble in Paradis
Guillem's Cher Parents; Berman Returns; Avila Meets Casperson; Sagna Joins the Mee Generation

Chevalier de la Barre, 7-26: Courage
At AGMA, a Move to Woo Dancers Back; at ABT, Bold Programming: Of these, Hope

Chevalier de la Barre, 7-16
Suicide of a Dancer; Boston Disses Flamenco; Nai-Ni Honored in China; Bastille Day with the Chevalier

Chevalier de la Barre, 6-7: Rants, Raves, Scoops, & More
Hook on Women Choreographing; Beware the Audition-Workshop; Week-end Picks; and all the Pilobolus and Momix News Fit to Print

Chevalier de la Barre, 5-31
Nekkid at the Joyce; Cortez to Cleveland; Dancing for Bono & O'Neill; Vice-Versa Reversa; Out at ABT; In at TAB; Michelson & Misha; Dancer-Writers; 'Inceste' at Montpellier; Nekkid with NYC's Wild Child

Chevalier de le Barre, 5-28
Almond Roca; Graham Dancers Choreographing; Digerati Disco; Streb Action; Grunge Art Paris; Duende Times Two